Saturday, 16 July 2011


now and then along comes a catfight that you think ok this is going to be a
corker and god i was right. new to but not to fighting is
cassie a 20 year old young lady who has had numerous fights while growing up
from out on nights out to her younger days fighting both at schoool and up the
fields after school enter carmen with an older head on her shoulders and has a
number of catfights under her belt here at bitch fight uk and has scrapped in
her life outside bars etc all this means one thing ....EXPLOSIVE FIGHT !!!. both
girls did their introductions and you could see the adrenalin in young cassies
body pumping as she spoke shes was full of both excitement and nerves carmen on
the other hand was used to it and was calm and collective.from the minute they
went for it it was wild. knees up in the air and wild slaps flying about both
ladies went all out as they tore hair from heads and rolled about. bodies were
flung up against the bedroom door and walls as they tussled and the whole floor
space was used in this crazy fight . new cassie is something to see and someone
that will open the size groups here big time . enjoy this fight """. with pics
at and the fight to download
from our store at .
.... the home of catfighting in the uk. xxx
enjoy the extra pics guys xxx

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