Sunday, 25 November 2012

bf combo4 : emma vs sarah emma vs kandy released

Emma v Sarah
emma (black body stocking) vs sarah (red body stocking).another new face to bitch fight uk is sarah a great 21 year old who isnt afraid of a fight but was emma gonna be too much for this young fiesty fighter. as the squared up sarah towered over emma and we thought this might have been an advantage but when they kicked off emma had soon brought sarah down to her size and they were scrapping it out on the floor with emma (fun buns)going at her like a wildcat both girls yaked hair as emma was ontop and wasnt letting go. it was lovely to watch as both girls wore lovely bodystockings for this battle and it wasnt long before emma breasts were exposed and she was showing her pierced nipples.this was a nasty brutal fight and allthough sarah is a good young little scrapper she was left sitting on the end of the mattress picking up her hair from the floor in her first viscious fight for bitch fight uk.
Emma v candy
candy vs emma. candy (black knickers) emma (pink knickers). you could tell in the pre fight interview that there was tension in the air and as these two introduced themselves you could see that this wasnt going to be a lame fight this first half of the match sees candy and emma box it out and what a match. you could tell emma had done a few fights as they both went for it emma came out of the blocks swinging but new girl candy came to life and it became a body punching match that was to later turn into a catfight in the second half.the gloves came off and bot ladies slapped the hell out of each other while using hairpulling to control their opponent . photos from these fights are available at   and this combo download is available to download in the bitch fight uk store at  .

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