Saturday, 19 July 2014

holly vs carmen

                                       in her first catfight for and what a fight. both ladies had agreed to a topless catfight over 3 rounds stockings and panties. both ladies seemed up for the match as they turned up at the house carmen was raring to go and holly seemed to be fully confident as they posed for pre fight pictures. from the moment both ladies were asked if they were ready to fight it was electric they stared each other out for a few seconds and it was on a hairpulling slapping fest that didnt seem to slow pace as they went at each other . a real pleasing fight that was full on and a dream to watch . with pics at and the whole catfight at the home of catfighting in the uk. the home of catfighting in the uk.

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  1. Very good catfight. I love catfight.
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    I love wife x wife catfight......