Sunday, 13 July 2014

natalie vs axa

hi guys here we go with a great new catfight. new catfight sensation axa takes on experienced catfighter natalie in a topless stockings and suspenders fight. axa took hannah apart in a private catfight a few weeks earlier and has been enjoying her new found career as a catfighter here at bitch fight uk so she jumped at the chance to take a rejuvinated natalie on in a catfight to see if she could take her .both girls arrived with their guys at the house and went to change natalie in the bathroom and axa in the spare bedroom. once ready they met eye to eye and exchanged eye contact. they introduced themselves to the camera and then it all went off with a bang both girls ripping into each other with a wild desire for victory. with over 3 pages of pics at and the fight to download at . don't forget to follow us on twitter guys

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