Saturday, 26 July 2014

ria vs jamie lee : photos from round 1

Ria v Jamie Lee
 . heres another fight from the team event and this fight is the sort of fight you see on a saturday night outside a bar or club. new girls ria and jamie lee face off for their respective teams in a catfight that sees both girls standing on their feet and slapping away at each other and holding onto each others hair in a fight that would have been the fight of the day here had it not been for the big ruby vs chelsea fight.ria in white bra and panties slaps it out with jamie in black body and holdups in a wild fight that introduces two fresh catfighters that will be making more appearances on the catfight circuit here in the coming months. pics are in  the fight is up for download at  enjoyxxx  these photos are from round 1 of this brawl .round 2 to come soon xx follow us on twitter @catfightbritain

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