Monday, 9 January 2017

drucilla in shiny black

well what a splash drucilla made on her comeback in 2016 to Bitchfight uk . out of the catfight wilderness she came and allthough originally going to restart her fight career with a grudge fight against roxy she ended up in a wild brawl with new fighter Bella after roxy withdrew her challenge and judging by this unseen set of photos you can see why roxy had second thoughts . Drucilla is a powerfuland strong catfighter and her shiny black pvc outfit only enhances her powerful fighting body and beautiful body art pure woman and pure Brutal thats drucilla . ive uploaded this set to her folder at  and Drucillas catfights are in the Bitchfight uk download store so check them out at .have a great week . the Bitchfight team xx

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