Monday, 27 March 2017


silence filled the air as these two faced off drucilla staring hard at her rival a new fighter going by the name of cherry determination in her eyes but cherry seemed to smirk as if she new she was bringing pain to this fight .drucilla in a deep patterned red thong with a black back and matching bra and cherry in satin red bra and knickers with mesh back posed thoughtfully not giving away anything to the other girl. round one and straight away both ladies went for the hair controlling pulling each other violently around as they struggled for control ripping at each other and inflicting pain as both women fought valiantly in there lingerie . drucilla wanted the win but cherry wanted her scalp and yelps filled the air as each girl made every slap count and hair came away in a fierce female catfight . who was going to lose . who would be the better woman . NOW IN THE BITCHFIGHT STORE ..  .xx

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