Thursday, 6 April 2017


wild,brutal,violent,bitchy just some of the words that have been associated with this latest release from the Bitchfight stable and the second set of action shots from this fight are now up . drucilla in red and black patterened bra and thong and cherry in satin red bra and knickers with mesh back posed for pre fight photos and while drucilla had a look of determination on her face her rival smirked imagining the pain she could inflict . the fight from the start was Brutal as both fighters inflicted pain on her enemy as they fought in a womanly way ripping hair from the roots and leaving heavy slap marks on each others bodies niether woman wanting to quit as heavy breathing ,yelps and screams filled the air . this fight was settled woman to woman . with the second set  of photos now uploaded to  and the fight to download in the store at . the Bitchfight team xx

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