Monday, 10 April 2017

the build up to the fight : sahara

this lady has been fighting here at Bitchfight uk for a number of years now and has established herself as queen of the small girls and rightly so . she has fought her way to the top taking on so many other females here in one on one catfights and defeating them. a loyal caring woman but one not to be fucked with to sahara a fight is a fight and if your in the way she will take you apart . she models some of the most attractive and stylish lingerie for her fights and dresses to impress her fans and followers and now she is finally making her return to the Bitchfight screen . this week sees the release of her title fight for the petite ladies crown against roxy hart and its one not to be missed ime sure she wants your support. . the fight is released friday into the store at see you there xx

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