Saturday, 6 May 2017

sahar vs roxy hart : final set uploaded

from the moment roxy hart came to Bitchfight uk shes started to turn heads and win over fans but then sahara makes a return after a break from catfighting this can only mean one thing to establish herself back at the top she must fight roxy and prove shes still the fan favourite so we decided to put the small girls cup up for grabs . both ladies jumped at the chance to settle it in a catfight and Bells rang out as the word went out sahara was making her return .on the day both ladies posed and exchanged glances and stared each other down and then it was time . a great female catfight with sahara the queen of Bitchfight uk making her return against the new star roxy hart . now in the download store at and the third and final set of photos now in the group  . have a lovely week from all of us at Bitchfight uk .xx

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