Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Catfight : Holly v Seline

Holly v seline
holly came into this catfight on a loss to carmen in what was a great fight and seline had beaten rio in another awesome catfight so this was always going to be a great one . holly wanted a win and seline wanted to continue her run and had no intentions of going down without a fight . both ladies stripped top topless and both had fire in their eyes as they posed for pics and face offs. holly was up for this and went all out for the fight and seline was a hellcat as they fought in the bedroom . there was no love lost as they ragged each other about and gave each other a really good battering to leave their skin red raw . it was a hard fight with one lady having to admit defeat but what a woman to woman battle from two relatively new bitchfighters . with pics in /group/bitch_fight_uk_2 and the entire catfight to download at . the home of catfighting in the uk . p.s dontforget were on twitter @catfight britain xxx

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