Wednesday, 11 September 2019

imvu catfight. Katy vs Charli

charli a new girl at the alleywas keen to make a name for herself on the catfight circuit and allthough only 20 years of age had given some of her older rivals a beating. her sights were now firmly set on katy who like danniella was leading the pack at the back alley and pulled the biggest crowds and sponsorship on fight evenings and her chance came when an african man offered to sponsor the fight to give charli a crack at katy .it was no secret charli liked black cock and had it tattooed on her left thigh. the date was set and both ladies arived for the main event it was agreed that the fight would be topless and the loser would be stripped of her thong in shame. charli wore a black thong with pink heels and katy a red thong bearing the word CAT on it and red matching heels .they faced off and the younger charli just stared at katy determination in her eyes and then lunged for her sending a shocked katy to the floor slapping her exposed breasts and body while ragging her hair . katy was in a daze as she tried valiantly to fight back as charli reigned punch after punch to her rivals body and face. the girls rolled around and struggled katy not wanting to be another victime of this young cock slut and managed to throw her rival off . the tables were turned and it was katys turn to giver her young rival a pasting as she slapped her exposed breasts and face making her pay for her attack. katy now had the upper hand and began to make it tell as she had her rival by the hair and punched her relentlessly. charlies battered and bruised body lay lifeless on the floor as her rival stood over her . katy leaned over and ripped the moist tiny black thong from her rivals body saying " better luck next time bitch " and the after fight photos showed the damage that katy had done to her rival . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights on imvu and here at the blog  and thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  thankyou from xx

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