Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Katy vs Megan . part 2

both ladies battered each other there bodies soaking as they landed punch after punch to each other neither wanting to concede in front of there men a break was agreed and both ladies removed there panties to the delight of there escorts both ladies neatly trimmed and smooth both wanting to settle it as women do an all out catfight . they returned to the floor tired and bruised but full of adrenalin and megan went all out from the restart lashing out at katys breasts and face then katy spurred on by her man landed a wild punch to megans face sending her crashing to the fight floor ." stay there bitch !" yelled katy and megan was in no fit state to do anything else . a delighted katy in front of both males proved this time she was the alpha female . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights on imvu  here at the blog and to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  .   xx

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