Wednesday, 4 September 2019

stockings and heels fight . katy vs megan .

two evenly matched catfighters both have beaten the other so when a sponsor wanted to put both ladies against each other it went top of the bill. the excitement  grew for the night  as the final fight of the evening arrived both ladies appeared from separate dressing rooms katy in white and black satin basque with suspenders and stockings matching thong and black heels megan in red and black matching bra and thong with stockings with a red trim and heels. the girls faced off and stared each other up and down and then boom katy launched into a series of punches as both ladies exchanged verbal abuse it was a catfight like no other as they pulled hair and slapped there way through a battle royale. punches flew as they rocked each other the respect was mutual but so was the hatred it seemed even untilkaty rocked by a punch to the face went crashing to her knees she tried desperately to get to her feet but another punch finished her as she knelt before megan unable to continue . megan had beaten her rival this time . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights on imvu and we hope you enjoy them here at the blog . thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  .  . xx

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