Sunday, 6 October 2019

evening gown match . katy vs judy divine

when two females are sponsored to glam up and fight in evening gowns you know your in for a high class catfight and that's exactly what ryan gold got when he set up the match between katy and judy divine. both ladies entered from there dressing rooms. katy in a slinky silver ball gown and stripper heels ,judy divine in a stunning siky see through blue gown both ladies turned and smiled at ryan before they tore into each other forgetting they were dressed as ladies.they pulled hair and exchanged insults, punches flew as they went to ground showing leg and glimpses of lingerie neither female wanted to lose.then katy landed a combination of punches to the face of judy sending judy to the floor it was game over and katy ran to the sponsor ryan to claim her prize ,shed won her first evening gown match . thanks to everyone who follows katy on here and imvu and thanks to everyone who downloads fights from the Bitchfight uk store at  xx

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