Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Sexfight . katy vs poppy

poppy a new girl at back alley catfighting was bragging to some of the other fighters at the club that she used to be big on the sex fight circuit and was unbeaten in 22 sexfights forcing her rivals to cum under the pressure of her pussy so when her and katy were sponsored to a sexfight at the club all eyes were on this match up. katy herself undefeated at sexfighting had tight pussy lips that had made many a women cum under her power was keen to challenge her rival . they both arrived and stripped returning from the changing rooms in nothing but heels  both ladies kissed and then headed to the rugs . poppy began to kiss her rivals neck and stroke her body sending katy into a trance as she stroked katies now wet pussy and gently kissing her neck but katy was wise to this and started to slowly finger her rival they kissed and fingered each other as both women began to let out whimpers and satisfying moans . they turned and locked legs as they went pussy to pussy  who would force the other into cumming first ??. both ladies were now  grinding there pussys together lips rubbing as they moaned in pure ectasy neither wanting to give many of the girls thought this would be katys defeat but her tightly pressed lips pushed and grinded with poppys and she could hold no longer . pppy yelped with excitement as she exploded in ectasy allowing her juices to run from her pussy she could hold no longer. as both ladies collapsed exhausted it was clear katy had defeated another rival. thanks to everyone who follows katies fights on imvu and here at the blog also thanks to everyone who downloads from the bitchfight uk store at  .  . xx

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