Thursday, 28 November 2019

Katy vs Casey

katy arrived at the back alley club with her escort for the evening smiff  to learn of a challenge from a redhead called casey fairly new to the catfight scene. on discussing it with smiff she accepeted and went to change . katy returned 10 minutes later in a red lace thong and red heels her rival came through a side door in a black thong with red heels . both ladies sized each other up as they headed to the floor. both ladies had ample breasts and it was going to be no easy fight as katy hissed at her redheaded rival . immediately casey took katy to the floor and landed heavy punches to katys face and breasts as they went at it .katys ecort smiff shouted encouragement as they rolled around scratching breasts and pulling hair in a violent affair .  it was katy who managed to turn it around as she flipped casey off her and climbed on top giving casey a taste of her own medicine and in a viscious ten minute struggle pounded her opponent leaving her unconscious on the fight floor . a delighted smiff scooped katy up and said that they would head home to celebrate as katy grabbed her coat and clothes. thanks to everyone who follows katy on imvu and here at the blog . also thanks to everyone who downloads from the bitchfight uk download store at   xx

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