Friday, 1 November 2019

Katy vs Chung

katy arrived at the alley to find her fight for the evening was chung an Asian girl who was pretty new on the catfight scene but with a reputation for being a brawler. both girls appeared from there changing rooms katy in white lace panties and bustier with white platform heels and her rival chung in dark green lace panties with a bustier and white heels .they glared at each other as they posed for pre fight photos this was going to be a real Bitchfight .katy went in the for the kill early on landing punches to the face of her rival rocking her as they traded blows hair came out as they tussled for supremacy as the sponsors watched on. katy took chung to the fllor and pummelled her face and breasts but chung somehow managed to dislodge a tiring katy and gained the upper hand turning the tables on her and managing to get herself on top. as haty tried to climb to her feet chung landed a hefty punch and katy was down. the night went to the new fighter chung and she was mighty pleased . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights on imvu and here at the Bitcghfight blog. also thanks to everyone who downloads from our online download store with over 200 catfights to choose from at . xx

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