Monday, 18 November 2019

Katy vs Tasia

katy was at the beachfront when tasia approached her screaming and hurling abuse at her claiming she was a better fight than katyand that she should be on the rosterat the back alley . the girls faced off by the pool katy in matching leather jacket and shorts with knee high boots ,tasia in a short red blouse with denim shorts and tights . it was a  brief encounter as katy launched herself at tasia screaming " show me what you've got bitch" and set about her taking her to the floor with heavy punches . the brunette and the blonde struggled but it was katy who was on top landing punch after punch to her rivals face . katy eventually had tasia pinned as she sraddled her body "do you give bitch ??? do you give ???" yes yes said tasia and it was all over as katy walked away from her humbled rival. thanks to everyone who follows the adventures of katy at imvu and here at the blog and thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk catfight store at   xx

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