Monday, 9 December 2019

Katy vs Mex

katy had been matched against a taller rival mex a fiery fighter with a hard punch . katy agreed to the fight and both ladies changed . katy emerged from her dressing room first in white sparkly briefs and clear ankle boots . then mex made her way to the fight floor wearing black peek a boo knickers and bra with heels this was going to be a hell of a brawl. the ladies faced off and it was eveident there was a height difference but it didn't stop katy as she launched punches at mex to he rface and breasts early on as they brawled with both eyes on the prize they traded blows pulled hair and ripped into each other but mex clearly had too much for katy on this day and landed a combination of punches that sent katy sprawling to the floor as her rival stared down at her this wasn't to be katys day as mex struted off the floor leaving her rival in pieces. thanks to everyone who follows our fighter katy on imvu and here at the blog . also thanks to everyone who downloads fights from the Bitchfight uk store at  and have a meery Christmas from all of us at  xx

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