Monday, 17 June 2019

whos katy been fucking ????

hi guys seems like katys been fucking another fighters man and shes not happy . find out tomorrow which fighter has discovered katys been fucking her man here on the the blog . thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at are grateful and hope you enjoy the fight .  xx

Sunday, 16 June 2019

katy vs megan . humiliation fight .

everyone knows theres no love lost between katy and her rival megan. both stunning fighters at the club and on the catfight circuit they regularly clash either both vying for the same client or love interest so when a sponsor offered both of them to settle it in a humiliation catfight they both accepted. a no rules catfight was agreed topless thong and heels with the loser being humiliated by her rival and fucked hard with a strap on . both ladies agreed and the date was set. katy appeared from the changing rooms topless with peirced nipples in placea beige lace thong with red bow and trim matching stockings and red heels. megan appeared from the opposite changing room in a satin blue suspender belt and stockings with satin blue thong and matching blue heels . both ladies sneered and glared at each other neither wanted to lose to her rival and  be humiliated . immediately they exchanged punches megan getting a combination of punches and slaps in as katy reached for megans hair and ragged her round a flurry of slaps ensued as they jostled for control breast and crotch attacks followed as both ladies winced and yelped as they traded blows . there was no love lost as the sponsor watched on as katy suffered heavily at the fists of megan and slowly slumped to her knees she tried desperately to get up but a knee to the face finished her off. stop !! stop !! she cried I give as she wiped the tears from her face. a battered and bruised katy beeged her rival to stop as she was dragged by her hair to the back area. her rival attached a big pink dildo to herself pulled katy over a couch pulled her ripped beige thong to one side and grabbing her hair from behind thrust the pink rubber dildo deep into katys wet and tight pussy fucking her hard for her sponsor to see. I hope your enjoying katys fights on imvu and please keep following them here . thanks to everyone who downloads from the bitchfight store at  . xx

Saturday, 15 June 2019

katy vs wendy . hands off my man Bitch

katys latest rival wendy has been hanging around katys latest lover Michael. Fuck off my man bitch screams katy as wendy passes her in the club. who said hes yours bitch !! replies wendy as she turns and faces katy whos clearly ready to fight . katy calls Michael to come to the club after it closes when he arrives both women are there. right wendy if you want him lets settle it . both women strip down to lingerie as Michael gazes on naked cock ready to fuck the winner. brunette fighter wendy lunges at katy swinging wildly and they go to ground rolling around ripping at each others hair its blonde vs brunette and theres cock at state. both ladies land punches to there rival as they roll around scratching and biting as katy starts to earn the upper hand land punch after punch to wendys breasts. gripping her rival katy knees wendy hard in her pussy rocking her brunette rival then a combination of punches by the blonde wildcat knocks wendy out cold. a jubilant Michael hugs and congratulates his champion and escorts her home and gives her the cock she fought so hard for. hope you enjoyed this latest instalment in the story of katy the fighter on imvu . thanks to everyone who downloads from our store at  xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

katy vs cajun . imvu fight

katy was chosen by her sponsor to fight another catfighter by the name of Cajun another blonde fighter with a wild reputation . the scene was set and Cajun came out in black hipster knickers and heels and a crop top . katy entered in peach bra and knickers with white stockings and peach heels both ladies meant business as they paraded and glared at each other . they rolled around exchanging punches wildly scratching and slapping hair was ripped from the roots as they spat and hissed . it was even sevens until Cajun landed a low blow to katys crotch and she slumped holding her womanhood. Cajun took full advantage and finished the beaten katy with a neat one two katy was out cold as her rival stood over her . as katy was helped to her feet a victorious Cajun collected her winnings and left. hope you enjoyed this fight from imvu and thanks to everyone whos downloaded from the bitchfight uk store at