Saturday, 29 September 2012

catfight uk : emma from emma vs jade

ok who remembers this stunning and well endowed catfighter  from . emma was a great fighter and had some memorable fights . check out these few photos before  her fight with jade all emmas fights can be found in the bitch fight download store at xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

catfighter jade

when jade was here at she had some great catfights . two of these were against  emma and ruby . both these fights are available  on one download  in the bitch fight download store for $12.99 at  so feel free to check them out  and jades pics . xxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Jade v Emma

emma(black underwear and stockings and suspenders) vs jade(red basque and
knickers). this fight sees emma and jade in a great hairpulling and slapping
fight both girls have had one previous fight and know what to expect. after
introductions this interacial fight kicks off emma fights topless and goes for
it slapping out at jade who believe me has hard slaps of her own (i saw sim
fight her in private).the fight goes backwards and forwards and both girls carry
marks from the slaps blonde hair from emma fall on the mattress as they go all
out for a win . jade is a dark amazon but blonde emma is up to the fight and
they both give as good as they can get. it wasnt jades intention to go topless
but when emma goes for her things just pop out lol.

Ruby v Jade

ruby(black bodice and knickers) vs jade(red bodice and knickers).both girls had
won their previous catfights. ruby disposed of taz and jade gave emma a slapping
so when these two girls met in this interacial rules catfight i knew i was gonna
have a hard fight to film. from the word go ruby grabbed jades hair and ripped
chunks out and slapped out at jade but jade wasnt there to take it she gave it
back with heavy slaps. both girls look stunning in their bodices and fought like
wildcats. eventually one of them quit but itwasnt before both girls were given a
good slapping by the other . ok guys i think youll
agree both these catfights on one download is one for anyones collection . two
great interracial fights . the photos from both fights have been uploaded to and many of these photos have not
been seen until now . and this twinpack combo to download in the bitch fight
download store at .

Monday, 24 September 2012

catfight : carmen in the gloves

this lady always looks like she means buisness and these days when she fights she does .  this lady knows how to fight and will slap and hairpull most bitches about to win yes its the lovely but nasty catfighter carmen ceck out these new boxing glove photos  and theres lots more in the  bitch fight 1 group at   and the fight itself which sees both girls fight in the woods in boxing gloves and then fly straight into a catfight is at   xxxx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

sapphire in the boxing gloves

what a scrapper this polish catfighter is and her fights with carmen were a sight to behold. check out her latest pictures in the boxing gloves at   and th fights to download in the download store at xxx

Friday, 21 September 2012


kelly looks stunning in this white swimsuit  and would give most girls her size a run for thie money in a catfight . check out this young catfighters pics at  and her fights are in the bitch fight download store at   .

Thursday, 20 September 2012

the one and only becca

this fiesty little catfighter  fought for a couple of years at and had a great rivalry with kelly . they fought  a couple of times and shared the victorys over each other . check out this wild cats photos in the groups over on the website and her fights are in the download store at  xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

fight 2 : sapphire vs carmen boxing/catfight

after carmen and sapphire had their catfight in the field which carmen  eventually won  we headed back from the fields and made our way through the woods  it was at this poinT thats sapphire declared that if theyd have boxed she would have battered carmen  the gilrs debated this for a while and then it was decided it needed sorting  so in a clearing in the woods the quilt went down the gloves were put on and after some pre fight snapping  the girls slugged it out  topless with boobs and bodies taking a pummeling as they went at it  giving each other as good  as they got as sasha tried to prove she could outbox carmen . as the fight went on and  things got heated the gloves came off in a sudden decision by carmen and  it became a catfight in the woods which was a sight to behold . forest fights youve just gotta love em . for  the pics for this fight check out  and this fight and all the other bitch fight fights to download at . xxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

riley vs kelly

this was one of kellys best fights against new and sexy fighter riley who gave as good as she got . check out the pics  at  and the fight in the download store at  xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

cassie has emmas hair

these two pictures from the cassie vs emma fight say it all . it was bad tempered fight  that went on for ages and resulted in both ladies with having hair loss. check out the pics in the bitch fight yahoo groups and the fioght to download store at  xxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

sorelle : catfighter

this lady is everything you expect from a middle aged catfighter and she gives it all like a real bitch . check out her  pics in the bitch fight uk yahoo groups and her fights in the download store at  . xx