Saturday, 29 March 2014

axa vs natalie catfight fans dream

now and then a catfight comes along that you think wow!! this could be a hell of a fight and the day the opportunity to match a young enthusiastic Natalie against a ruthless and up and coming catfighter like axa ws one of these days . both ladies were in their early twenties and keen to make an impact on the catfight scenen . both had recent wins under their belts and loyal fan bases to impress and both had talked it up big on the bitch fight forum. so from the word they went at it like any two young women would fighting for pride and to be the better woman . check out the photos to this woman to woman battle at  and the fight to download in the store at . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain ,.

Friday, 28 March 2014

catfighter layla

hi guys the weekend is here and ime looking forward to it . ive uploaded some photos of layla from her latest catfight with Kelly . this fighter gives her all in fights and has stunning looks . she fought hard against Kelly but sadly lost . check out her photos in her folder at  and the fight these photos are taken from is the top catfight in the bitchfight download store.  . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

more bitchfight selfies .... future catfighter here ?????

ok this little lady has been creative with her bitchfight t shirt before taking selfies . the lady we know as claris doll has converted her t shirt into a dress  which looks absolutely great . the first bitchfight dress lol . loving the selfies from all the girls who have taken part and theres lots more to come so keep sending them in . the invitation is now open for Claris doll to come and fight  at  and when shes ready shes straight in here .

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

taz vs daisy . part 2

ok the second part to this fight and they strip down taz goes topless and the fight goes totally wayout as they both slap it out. daisy want to win one her comeback and shows her rival no mercy as she controls the whincing taz by ragging her hair and getting slaps in while she can. this fight becomes one sided and eventually taz has to give she lies battered on the bedroom floor as daisy is the victor in a nasty hard catfight with a return from daisy that must surely see her take on the one and only ruby to see who is bitch fight queen. the photos are at  and this awesome catfight to download in the store at  . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Monday, 24 March 2014

daisy vs taz pt1

THE RETURN OF it is the moment daisy made her comeback at bitch fight uk and she showed just why shes a top catfighter.this is a totally wild fight from the word go as days takes on new catfight sensation taz on the bitch fight mattresses daisy goes straight for as they start clothed and you can tell she wants this fight over and done with early ragging taz about by the hair and slapping her back over and over again.its a nasty violent scrap as taz has no idea what has hit her and fights back as best she can. this is part one of this wild catfight . the second part comes tomorrow on here when the clothes come off. the full set of photos for this fight can be found at  and the fights to download in the store at . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Friday, 21 March 2014

out takes from becca vs natalie at barnfest

you know as well as the catfights that take place here at bitchfight a lot of off camera moments are caught as well on photo . heres a just a few I picked out from the catfight between becca and Natalie . the days filmings are always good and the girls really get into it so off camera its good that they can still have a laugh between fights . hope you like . the fight photos from barnfight are at http://