Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy halloween . last set of Bella vs Drucilla uploaded

this catfight is a hell of a brawl between two hungry females who crave fight success and the last set of action photos weve uploaded show that . on the day drucilla was meant to be fighting another female roxy who didnt show luckily bella was here and was willing to challenge drucilla even though there was a size difference it was a real david v goliath battle . from the word go both ladies went at it in a wild hairpulling frenzy with heavy slaps thrown in a real catfight between two ladies . chesck out the last  set of photos from this Bitch Brawl which have now been uploaded to  and the fight is in the Bitchfight store to download at . thanks for all your support and dont let people take Bitchfight down please keep supporting xx

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Queen Drucilla . photos uploaded

her big comeback fight was thwarted when roxy bottled out of  her and drucillas grudge match which would have seen drucilla make it back on the catfight stage in a blaze of glory  but it was not to be so instead in  stepped bella a bit of a mis match on paper but when they fought it turned out to be a wildcat fest. a more maturer drucilla turned up on that day with a new found desire to fight more attitude and more desire were evident and this showed even more when she fought .these photos were taken from the fight and put into drucillas album at and the fight itself can be found in the store at . thanks the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 28 October 2016

catfight art

catfight art just gets better and better it seems these days . so many artisits turning there skill to the art of two females sorting there differences in a womanly fashion and  this set is no exception. so lets set the scene one of the ladies comes back from the toilet in the a club to find her boyfriend dancing with the other . confronting the other lady an argument breaks out and both females set to it hairpulling and slapping in dresses and stockings every males dream .the artist has caught this spot on as they sort it out on the dance floor . i have a a few sets ive discovered around the web and ill be making more posts about this art that should be celebrated . this set will be uploaded to in the catfight art folder and expect more . thanks for your continued support of the catfight download store at . xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

one that has to happen . Bella vs Sahara

due to a Bereavement filming has stopped till the new year but one that was going to happen on the day was a catfight between Bella and sahara . one that ime sure you will all agree would have been a monumental fight . both ladies have taste in great lingerie when they fight and both will fight to the bitter end niether likes to lose i put these photos together so you can make your own mind up about who you think or who youd like to win. as soon as filming recommences i will try my hardest to make this one happen and the winner besides the female who fights hardest will be you the catfight fan . until then support the store so we can make fights like this happen at . thanks from the girls and the rest of the Bitchfight team xx

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Drucilla in boxing gloves

well the return of this lady caused quite a stir and it was all systems go for a hell of a comeback match against a girl called roxy . sadly roxy puled out last minute so drucilla got her return fight against bella . drucilla likes being in front of the camera so when we gave her the chance to pose in the Bitchfight gloves we knew shed jump at the chance and she was happy to give her fans that somethuing extra by posing in them . the full set are in the Bitchfight boxers 7 album at  and her amazing brawl with bella is still flying high in the store at . enjoy xx

Saturday, 22 October 2016

catfight art : mixed Bag

ok time for a bit of catfight artand a total mixed bag today that ive found around the web . different artists but all with a skill to sketch and draw female fighting style. it amazes me how good some artists are and the incredible imagination they have to bring there female fighting fantasies to life i hope you like what ive chosen for you today and ill be uploading them to the fight art folder at . thankyou xx