Sunday, 30 April 2017

chaos !!! she has her own page

ok in the coming weeks chaos will be making her debut here at Bitchfight uk and we cant wait . fiesty,strong,brutal and attractive shes the complete package . growing up this lady has known nothing but fighting for what she has and for what she believes . loyal and passionate she will be a fan favourite and will surely attract a huge following here so get behind her she has opened her own page for everyone at and keep an eye out for her fights in the store at xx

Friday, 28 April 2017

your fighter sahara

here she is the tiger at Bitchfight uk . beautiful but deadly its sahara and she means buisness. back fighting at Bitchfight uk since the rise of roxy hart here . roxy has made waves here and sahara was wary of her crown being taken so in true style she challenged her and the fight took place . its now in the store and riding high a real brawl between the two top current women here. these photos were taken pre fight and the full set can be found in saharas album at and the fight against her rival roxy hart is now in the store at . have a great weekend from all of us at Bitchfight uk xx

Thursday, 27 April 2017

where to find Bitchfight uk .

ok were allready nearly into may and the year is moving fast , once again its that time were we advertise were we can be found on the internet the place for bitchfight followers and fight fans.bitchfight uk is a leading catfight company and the united kingdom produces some of the best catfights between real females . ok so first of all lets start with the bitchfight yahoo groups which contain thousands of photos of the fights and the fighters then theres our twitter feed a popular page thats growing fast for all catfight fans from around the world our official facebook page is at so please if you have facebook please go and like the page and even share it to your timeline then our newest page is at instagram . the more followers we get the better. ok next up is the place were you can download over 200 catfights and help support the buisness the download store at . and last of all the main page itself . thanks xx

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

second set from sahara vs roxy hart uploaded

from the moment roxy hart came to Bitchfight uk shes started to turn heads and win over fans but then sahara makes a return after a break from catfighting this can only mean one thing to establish herself back at the top she must fight roxy and prove shes still the fan favourite so we decided to put the small girls cup up for grabs . both ladies jumped at the chance to settle it in a catfight and Bells rang out as the word went out sahara was making her return .on the day both ladies posed and exchanged glances and stared each other down and then it was time . a great female catfight with sahara the queen of Bitchfight uk making her return against the new star roxy hart . now in the download store at and the second set of photos now in the group . have a lovely week from all of us at Bitchfight uk .xx

Monday, 24 April 2017

Fighter cherry in the gloves

this woman has a great future in fighter purely because of her attitude. shes fought all her life for the things she wants in life and still does . hard working and a great mum she knows what it takes to win and succeed.her debut fight here against drucilla was a marathon of violent hair pulling and slapping bringing tears to the eyes of the fighters as they fought with cherry being the eventual victor in this woman v woman brawl. before the fight chery took the time to pose in the gloves for fans and heres the photos . the full set is in the group and the fight which is a great one is in the store with over 200 others at so enjoy . love from the Bitchfight team xx

Saturday, 22 April 2017

roxy hart . pre fight .

well this lady seems to be causing a bit of a stir here at Bitchfight uk after her first fight against harmony her popularity rocketed . sahara was just making a comeback and didnt seem to impressed with roxy and her popularity so a title fight was set up between them . roxy turned up in pink bra and knickers with red suspender belt and fishnet stockings and a great pair of sparkling gold heels and happily posed for pre fight stockings and these are the results. the full set of miss roxy harts photos can be found in her album at  and this wild fight racing up the charts in the Bitchfight store at . enjoy xx