Thursday, 30 March 2017

your easter at Bitchfight uk .

the fights are coming thick and fast this year at Bitchfight uk with new fighters emerging and fighters returning back to the Bitchfight stable and this easter will be kicking off the fight card . the past few days has seen the release of the violent and brutal match between drucilla and cherry brings tears to the eyes and this fight will feature through till the middle of april and then with a bang ! the release of the long awaited fight between returning queen sahara and newcomer on the block roxy hart for the small girls crown. this match proves to be a barn stormer a femme fatale fight with both ladies wanting the title thats up for grabs . so please stay tuned through april and thanks to all of you for your support in the store at . thanks once again . the Bitchfight team xx

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Harmony vs Roxy hart the final set uploaded

the final set of photos from this fight have now been uploaded. both ladies arrived with partners for there fight both eager to impress in front of them and show they are the better woman . new to catfighting but both wanting to become Bitchfight catfighters they posed for pre fight photos and nerves were very much on show and evident. harmony in a black all in one and roxy hart in blue bra and purple knickers faced each other for the first time facing off and giving glances both aiming to take the other apart in full view of there partner both announced on camers they were there for the win and once the rules were explained they went at it trying to settle it in the way women do fighting it out to be the better woman . both these ladies like a fight and both have pride its woman v woman in front of there man . thefinal set is up in the group and the fight which has been a massive hit since being released is top of the charts is in the store at . enjoy . the Bitchfight team xx

Monday, 27 March 2017


silence filled the air as these two faced off drucilla staring hard at her rival a new fighter going by the name of cherry determination in her eyes but cherry seemed to smirk as if she new she was bringing pain to this fight .drucilla in a deep patterned red thong with a black back and matching bra and cherry in satin red bra and knickers with mesh back posed thoughtfully not giving away anything to the other girl. round one and straight away both ladies went for the hair controlling pulling each other violently around as they struggled for control ripping at each other and inflicting pain as both women fought valiantly in there lingerie . drucilla wanted the win but cherry wanted her scalp and yelps filled the air as each girl made every slap count and hair came away in a fierce female catfight . who was going to lose . who would be the better woman . NOW IN THE BITCHFIGHT STORE ..  .xx

Saturday, 25 March 2017


ok shes back . the queenbee of Bitchfight uk . what guy wouldnt want this female fighting his corner . dont be fooled by her attractiveness this female can take another female down in a blink of an eye . a fighter Bitchfight is proud to have here . download her fights and support this woman a total Bitch but one that does it with style its sahara . #catfight #Bitchfight . … ❤

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

catfight art : kiana vs petra

time to take a break from all the goings on at Bitchfight uk with the fantastic release of harmony vs roxy hart and the title fight taking place between sahara and roxy hart on wednesday and take a look at some great female fighting art . the artist has done a great job kiana in blue pink and white leotard  knee pads and boots and petra a blode in what seems to be a a black dominatrix outfit boots goves and basque . hes captured blonde ve brunette which is allready a classic match up and this artist has great imagination . the artist can be found at deviant art . ive added these great pieces to the Bitchfight album at . thanks for all your support for our download store at  xx

Monday, 20 March 2017

Bitchfight uk : miss roxy hart

well who thought when this lady took an interest in catfighting she would be so popular and be involved so much here at Bitchfight uk. this wednesday if everyything goes to plan she will be taking on the queen of Bitchfight uk sahara in a revival of the small girls crown both ladies will fight it out for the title and the cup.her fight against harmony which she narrowly lost was her debut fight here but ime sure we will be seeing more of her toned body here a great fighter whos determined to succeed .her photos have been uploaded to her folder  at  and her debut fight is at the top of the charts in the Bitchfight store . good luck for wednesday roxy . the Bitchfight team xx