Monday, 28 March 2016

uk catfighting axa vs angelica field fight

catfights outdoors always seem to grab the imagination more than on mats or a ring and this one certainly does . axa vs angelica s fight in the welsh countryside on a sunny afternoon . both ladies decked in white lingerie axa actually sporting one that was sent to her by a fan . angelica was a newbie at Bitchfight uk and was eager to impress from the word go as they went for each other  flattening the fresh greeen grass as they ragged hair and slapped violently at each other eventually going to the ground and fighting it out . the silence was broken by screams and yelps from both ladies as they rolled around on the ground. this fight can be found in the Bitchfight store at  and there are photos for this wild match in  . thanks xx

Saturday, 26 March 2016

happy easter . catfight art Betty boop vs olive oil

ok guys this weekend is family time so a quick post and todays is catfight art of the cartoon kind . the artist of these pics has come up with a winner a fight between betty boop and olive oil for the affections of  popeye and what a corker . the fight sees olive and betty  gifted with large breasts and sees them in stockings and suspenders fighting over a happy popeye .. it shows with imagination you can depict any female fantasy or cartoon characters into catfight style . any way i hope you like them .dont for get about the catfight download store guys we always want your support at  and enjoy your easter  from all of us at Bitchfight uk .

Thursday, 24 March 2016

second set of mandy vs vixen photos uploaded .

the second set of mandy vs vixen photos have been uploaded the fight itself is in the download store at the great price of $8.99 the dramatic fight between mandy and vixen . this was a bad tempered affair with both ladies staring each other out before the match both commentating on there rivals hair colouring so when it came to the main event they went at each other like two females who hated each other . there was not a nice bone left in either womans body as they clashed ripping at there rivals hair and laying down heavy slaps to the others body as they circled around going at it like a saturday night brawl. this fight was a pure feminine fighting between a topless mandy and pink lingerie clad vixen ferel cats and this viscious . for some strange reason this fight is seventh down in the bitchfight download list on the first page so look for it guys at and the second set of photos have gone up in . enjoy xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

pussycat vs scorpio catfight !! catfight !!

two ladies of different ages scorpio a 40 something mother of grown up children and  pussycat a young mother of two children met at the Bitchfight there fight was wicked . the young mum full of energy and the older mother keen to show her younger rival that experience is everything . from the word go it was high octane and it seemed like both ladies had some anger to release as they fought . a hellcat experience but niether of these ladies were new to fighting both confeesed to fights on nights out and settling scores with other mothers in the streets were they live . check out this fight in the store at  and photos in . thanks for your support and enjoy the blog catfight followers . xx

Sunday, 20 March 2016

uk oil field fight

fighting in oil is always hard to get a grip and to take your rival down without taking yourself down . when these two blonde fighters fought there was no such trouble in a pool in a field in mid wales these two catfighters tore into each other and allthough tops came away this didnt deter them from fighting it was wild it was nasty and they kept at it . both women wanted the win and the fight spilled out onto the grass in ablonde supremacy battle to rival any . check out the shoot for this at  and the fight with over 200 others at  . have a great day from all of us at Bitchfight uk .

Saturday, 19 March 2016

topless boxing art , video game style

ok ive been having a good nose around the web looking for some art to feature today and came across this selection done in the style of the old arcade games giving the fighters to select and the damage lines across the top telling how much injury your fighter has . its a great way to draw fight art between females . i think so many males look for the female fighters on any arcade or gaming station and they are intenionaly given well formed bodies and figures so its good to see this artist remove the clothing and depict them in thongs and fighting topless in the gloves anyway theres a good selection for you to feast your eyes over . have a great weekend guys and as always please support the store at  and follow Bitchfight uk on twitter at .