Monday, 29 February 2016

uk catfight : sophia vs domino

a match made in heaven thats how this fight was described by one fan he wasnt far wrong either . both ladies had previously fought natalie and wanted this win under there belt . they posed in attractive lingerie on the mats and squared up and went for it like hellcatz sophia carrying more weight than domino didnt make the difference as domino was fast and was in the mood for a scrap so the scene was set for a showdown and probably yes a match made in heaven . who won ??? well you can find out by downloading it from the store at and please show your support for the blog guys by sharing it to your facebooks and twitter pages . . .

Saturday, 27 February 2016

uk catfighting classic : sam vs electra

electra a warrior elect not many ladies would go up against her  but sam broke the mould a young well endowed female who wanted to take electra on in a catfight at Bitchfight uk . the fight was scheduled for a day when a number of fights were taking place and both ladies wee present througout the filming of the other matches . nervously smiling at each other but wary of what lay ahead . both fighters posed for pre match photos and you could feel the tension before its started . both ladies well endowed and both well built it was going to be a storm and it didnt dissapoint at all . check the photos out at  and the fight in the store with over 200 others at .thanks xx

femfight art from the web

female fighting art is one of the best fantasy ways tobring your ideas to life and ime a massive fan of the artists on the web who create and and bring there greates fantasies to life through art and i always try to feature art that i find as i trawl the net. the fight depicted today is between a dark skinned lady and a blonde  both well toned and athletic and both totally naked except for ankle supports and  mma gloves. the fight seems to be set in a ring and both females are eager to fight to win and its seems that anything goes from punching to kicking and hairpulling. allough not in any order it seems the dark skinned female has the upper hand and eventually defetats her blonde rival in this woman to woman confrontation . i have no idea who the creator is of this artwork but they should be congratulated for  there imagination and skill in this fantasy femfight art. please enjoy . a few thing  dont forget to follow us on twitter at  and please support the download store by either following the link here or by accessing the store through our live application on the right hand side of this blog . thanks and have a great weekend form the Bitchfight team xx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

the word catfight according to wikipedia : part 2

Catfights, both real and staged, are a staple of daytime television talk shows and reality television shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, The Bachelor, For Love or Money, and The Real Housewives series,[15] where women are frequently presented as being in continual competition with each other for love and professional success. In 2009, ABC-TV promoted The Bachelor with the voiceover narration "Let the catfights begin", and reality television shows have frequently overlaid sound effects of hissing cats onto scenes featuring women arguing or competing with each other.[16] In 2002, an SABMiller television commercial called "Catfight" featured two young beautiful women [17] drinking a beer in an outside cafe. Their polite conversation quickly turned into an argument about whether Miller Lite beer’s best aspect was its taste or the fact that it was less filling than other beers. The argument led to a fight where one of the girls knocked the other into an adjacent pool. The women quickly lost most of their clothes and continued the fight clad in only in their underwear. Before the fight came to a conclusion, the scene faded out and the viewers saw that it was a fantasy dreamed up by two men in a bar discussing what would make a great commercial. The scene would later cut to the girls, stripped down to their underwear, wrestling in a mud pit. An uncensored version was also filmed that included an alternate ending where the mud-covered girls fall in love and kiss. Predictably, one critic noted, the fight was blonde vs. brunette.[10] The campaign generated considerable controversy, but sales of Miller Lite subsequently declined by 3%.[18] “More than any other aspect of the catfight in today’s culture, the catfight’s sexually arousing potential is exploited for numerous purposes. The phenomenon of catfighting as erotic entertainment for straight men is widely documented throughout the Internet, television, film, and even pornography. On numerous websites … web users are overwhelmingly presented with catfighting as highly sexual, even pornographic. So many websites act as sources of catfights as pornography that it would be hard to believe the catfight can be interpreted in any other way. Venturing onto … these pages (and many others) will lead a viewer to an abundance of videos and images of objectified women fighting with each other by pulling hair, scratching, and even biting each other. The interpretation of the catfight as sexy and gratifying for men is hardly uncommon on the Internet…

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

the word catfight according to wikipedia :part 1

The term 'catfight' was recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary as the title and subject of an 1824 mock heroic poem by Ebenezer Mack. It is first recorded as being used to describe a fight between women in 1854. The word cat was originally a contemptuous term for either sex, but eventually came to refer to a woman considered loose or sexually promiscuous, or one regarded as spiteful, backbiting, and malicious.[8] History of usage in popular culture[edit] Catfights first began appearing in American popular culture in the 1950s when postwar pioneers of pornography such as Irving Klaw produced film clips of women engaged in catfighting and wrestling. Klaw used many models and actresses in his works, including Bettie Page.[9] The popularity of watching women fight increased in the postwar years and eventually moved into the mainstream of society.[10] In the 1960s, catfights became popular in B movies such as Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and the 1969 animated Boris Karloff movie Mad Monster Party.[11] In the 1970s and 1980s, catfights began to make appearances in women in prison films, in roller derby, and in nighttime soap operas such as Dallas and Dynasty.[1] Dynasty starred John Forsythe as an oil tycoon and patriarch of a wealthy family that lived in Denver. The show co-starred blonde Linda Evans and brunette Joan Collins. The two women had a number of fights, both verbal and physical, during the show’s 10-year run on ABC. Designed to compete with Dallas, a highly popular evening drama on CBS, Dynasty’s first-year ratings were unremarkable. For the second season, the producers introduced the dark-haired Collins as a foil to the blonde Evans and hoped that her “bitchy persona” would enhance the show’s ratings, which it did.[12] “Dynasty upped the ante … On one side was the blonde stay at home Krystal Carrington … in the other corner was the most delicious bitch ever seen on television, the dark haired, scheming, career vixen, Alexis Carrington Colby … Krystal just wanted to make her husband happy; Alexis wanted to control the world. How could you not love a catfight between these two?” [13] In the post-war years, photographers began marketing pictures of women in catfights According to Evans, the Dynasty director’s blueprint for the first fight was an “outrageous catfight” [14] that she had almost a decade earlier with Stefanie Powers in the detective series McCloud, starring Dennis Weaver. The fight occurred during an argument they were having in Evans’ apartment when Powers, on her way out, grabbed a bottle of seltzer water and sprayed down Evans. Before she reached the door, Evans grabbed Powers and the two women engaged in spirited catfight, wrecking the apartment in the process. During the fight, Powers’ blouse was partially torn off, exposing her black bra, a surprising level of undress for network television in that era. Evans eventually overpowered her brunette opponent and was holding her head down in a water-filled aquarium when Weaver walked in and ended the fight.[14]

what makes women fight ?

what is that thing that makes females so  competitive towards each other ?? right down to make up,lingerie,jobs,cars and men . the animalistic desire to compete and protect their partner/lover to be the better woman is so strong in modern society.the female is starting to become the more dominant person on the planet socially and even in the bedroom no longer do they haunt the kitchen there out on the town and drinking and fighting better than there male counterpart . i for one love this thought and a female that can fight is strong and powerful a leader almost maternal instincts with a viscious side to protect whats hers and and her pride . .

Sunday, 21 February 2016

carmen in denim.

when fighters look this good you just cant believe how lucky you are. shes tough and attractive an athlete and a great all round fighter . shes fought some of the biggest tough nuts at bitchfight and isnt afaraid  of them she has a great win ratio and her fights with her biggest rival faith are chart toppers so when she came into pose for these shots we were more than happy if theres a lady youd want fighting in your corner iits carmen . her personal photos are in her album at and all of her fights are in the store to download  at .