Wednesday, 27 May 2015

mandy in the gloves pre fight

thanks to everyone who has downloaded the mandy vs layla catfight thats just been released its definately one for your collection .before the fight took place both ladies posed for photos and mandy couldnt wait to get the gloves on to pose . she really suits them and looks the part as she flexes and struts in them . ive uploaded the photos to the bf boxers 6 album at and if you want photos from the fight there at . the fight is being downloaded daily and i thank you all for that it helps support us so please go alomg to the store at . .

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

carmen vs vixen for the bitchfight crown

now some of these photos have been shown before  but not all of them and this fight is just too good not to be shown these photos again . it was the day Carmen and vixen fought for the bitch fight crown and Carmen was in fine form destroying her rival after a brutal and hard fought catfight . I hope these photos take your imagination like they always grab mine and they give an idea what bitchfight is all about .  . enjoy

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

layla from the new release layla vs mandy

hey and first of all id like to say a big thankyou to everyone whos downloaded the new layla vs mandy catfight its been a great success and its down to the two fighters who gave their all in this wild bitch brawl . mandy fighting topless gave this catfight extra spice as i think lyla found it intimidating . speaking of layla ive uploaded a few photos of her to her folder at posing before the fight commenced i hope you like them . the fight itself is at hte store . thanks

Sunday, 17 May 2015

uk catfighting : mandy vs layla ....released

this fight is pure eye candy with a brutal side. layla a stunning brunette who has fought at bitchfight uk goes toe to toe with a fairly new lady here mandy . layla has the experience under her belt but mandy whos streetwise is no stranger to a good fight and says she will give as good as she gets off layla  so we knew this was going to be a good one . mandy opted to fight topless which in hindsight could have been to intimidate layla as they stared each other out at the studio in the city centre . from the first round layla went for the hair and pulled like a crazed an animal as both ladies battled for control . mandy was just as viscious as they fought through the rounds womanly insticts took control as they landed slap after slap to their bare skinned oppponents body. this was one for the catfight fans. with photos in the fight itself to download at the huge bitchfight store this is definately one not to be missed .

Saturday, 16 May 2015

first set of new catfighter ...dita

ok the first set of bitchfights new catfighter dita have been uploaded to the girls of bitch_fight_uk and shes something special . this little lady fought the other day but before the event she took the time to have some shots taken and we were all in agreement shes great . mean and fiery and raw she will be kicking ass over the coming months and will hopefully develop into a top fighter . were hoping to see a lot more of this fiery dark headed lady . bitch fight uk (@catfightbritain) | Twitter