Saturday, 28 February 2015

support and help

over the years here at we have produced some ground breaking catfights and introduced the world to some stunning fighters . we can only do this with your support through downloads from our store and with it being the last day of the calendar month ime asking if you just download one catfight today it will help towards next months filming of fights .theres a que of ladies waiting to fight but we can only do this when funds become available so please if you have time visit the store today at and download one of the 200 catfights in the store . your support is appreciated and it keep bitchfight moving . please share this with your facebook followers or re tweet on twitter it all helps and in advance thankyou so much :) . xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

uk catfight : carmen vs cassie

cassie v Carmen
now and then along comes a catfight that you think ok this is going to be a corker and god i was right. new to but not to fighting is cassie a 20 year old young lady who has had numerous fights while growing up from out on nights out to her younger days fighting both at schoool and up the fields after school enter carmen with an older head on her shoulders and has a number of catfights under her belt here at bitch fight uk and has scrapped in her life outside bars etc all this means one thing ....EXPLOSIVE FIGHT !!!. both girls did their introductions and you could see the adrenalin in young cassies body pumping as she spoke shes was full of both excitement and nerves carmen on the other hand was used to it and was calm and collective.from the minute they went for it it was wild. knees up in the air and wild slaps flying about both ladies went all out as they tore hair from heads and rolled about. bodies were flung up against the bedroom door and walls as they tussled and the whole floor space was used in this crazy fight a fem vs fem spectacular with womanly pride at stake . would cassies young energy help her beat the experienced fighting head of her rival . .

Sunday, 22 February 2015

sahara vs vixen new photos uploaded

theres new photos uploadeed from this latest release and lets face it who wouldnt want two fired up catfighters dressed in red fighting over them on valentines day . valentines day massacre sees vixen and sahara go against each other in a wild catfight in red lingerie . both ladies went into this fight confident of a win and sahara wanted to fight topless . vixen slapped sahara so hard as they fought and both catfighters spent most of their time on their feet as they dragged each other around by the hair. personal pride was at stake in this fight and a fight for valentines was going to turn into a valentines day massacre . with photos uploaded at bitch_fight_uk_2 and the fight is in the bitchfight store at .

Saturday, 21 February 2015

catfight art : rome

ok I have a soft spot for catfight art as most of you know by now and this art is amazing by Pauline g . titled rome it depicts two female slaves fighting and its just spot on . the thought of these two slugging it out is remarkable and the way Pauline has captured the image of them is remarkable so enjoy and let your imagination run wild .

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

uk catfight : electra vs cassie

ok when these two met on the mats here at they were both fairly new and raw to catfighting but both in high demand and keen to fight. the fact that they were blonde and brunette added to the spice of this catfight .cassie taunted electra before the fight but was this to be her mistake ??. the full set of photos to this epic fight are in and the fight is in the download store . .

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 .. lacey in the gloves

i don't believe in the catfight world that there is anyone who hasn't downloaded the awesome catfight between lacey and sahara by now so you all know how brutal and wild it was . even I couldn't imagine how two women could go at each other and be so competitive on the catfight circuit . you will have all made your minds up by now who was the most impressive and who had the better of the fight . ive uploaded some photos of lacey who posed with the boxing gloves on pre fight . the photos are in the bf boxers 6 album at  and the fight is still going strong in the download store at . .

Saturday, 14 February 2015

happy valentines : raven vs jamie lee

ok guys as a valentines gift to everyone I decided to share these great photos from the encounter between raven and Jamie lee . this fight was  pure brutality and bitchfighting as both ladies ripped at each other like a pair of ferrel cats. when a blonde and a brunette go at each other like this you know your in for a crazy fight and that's just what it was neither woman wanting to give and show weakness. the photos for this fight are in the group and the fight is in the store at . so have a great valentines and enjoy xxx