Friday, 31 October 2014

happy halloween from bitchfight uk

yes its that time of year again when witches and ghouls  come out to play and kids knock doors trick or treating . the dark nights are closing in and the winter chill will soon be here . bitchfight will be here through the dark winter months to bring you a warm glow to your cheeks as you check out the thousands of photos bitchfight has to offer in the groups and blogs . have a great Halloween tonight and I hope you enjoy whatever ghoulish delights you get up to . heres some great black and white photos of Carmen to keep you going . enjoy .  .

Thursday, 30 October 2014

danni vs layla the rematch set 2 of photos uploaded

ok set 2 of photos for this newly released catfight are now up in the bitch fight 2 group .blonde vs brunette probably one of the most exciting match ups in a fight and these two do not disappoint. Danni and layla return for a catfight rematch after Danni gave layla a beating in their last catfight. both ladies looked stunning as ever danii the blonde and layla the brunette both  sported lingerie to make any mans heart race as they posed for photographs .the ladies faced off in the centre of the room layla refusing to make eye contact at first until the fight started. it started in a slapping frenzy and both ladies looking for that in road on their rival. it was bitchy and it was fierce as they went for the hair woman to woman. a brutal catfight between two stunning and feisty females with raised voices towards the end its a dream . the photos are up and fight is available to download at  .

Sunday, 26 October 2014

uk catfight : natalie vs samara

Samara Sands v natalie
natalie vs samara hey what a great scrap from two geordie girls (though samara does have italian in her).newcomer samara comes to bitchfight to take on natalie who has had numerous fights here but samara is no stranger to fighting and both girls waste no time in squareing up to each other and circling the room then they go for it hell for leather with niether girl giving an inch in a wild knock down dragout scrap that proves these two fighters have no quarms in laying into each other. these shots are pre fight before they kicked off . I will upload some of the catfight photos here in the coming week but for now enjoy the face off . .