Sunday, 30 August 2015

catfighter carmen topless in the gloves

theres something about this uk  fighting femme fatale that makes you cheer for her when she fights . a naturally attractive blonde who has a will to fight and to win and to make her rival pay. in these photos she looks confident and toned and ready to take on all comers . shes boxed and had plenty of catfights here at notably her most famous catfights with faith in which were allout brawls . check them out in the store at .

Friday, 28 August 2015

catfight art . have a great bank holiday xx

ok guys its bank holiday weekend and i hope you have a great one with friends and family and you all really enjoy your time together. ive uploaded here some great femfight / catfight artwork which ime sure you will like. it has a manga style about it allthough ime not sure of the artist. its great to see art like this and the females in teh fights are well endowed also the outfits the fighters have been drawn with shows off a fantasy style and uniform fighting feel to it . anyway i hope you like it and i will upload more like this as i find it . dont forget to support the store at . .

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

catfighting uk : emma vs kandy topless

uk catfighting does not get any better than this encounter emma vs kandy saw blonde fighter emma from manchester take on a young and fresh kandy from the north wales coast in what started out as a topless boxing match for the first rounds  but then as kandy was getting outpunched by the more experienced emma  the gloves came off and these topless heroines reverted to good old fashioned female brawling as they brutaly ripped into each others hair for control as they slapped their rival. both ladies wanted this match and the tension was in the air before they fought it didnt take long for the bitching to surface . this fight is in the download store with over 200 other fights at .

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

uk catfighting : nude catfight art

as always when i find some great art on the web i always want to share it with female fight fans and this set is no exception from merlin kingdom these art pieces show a redhead and a blonde rival stripped totally naked in front of what seems to be a fight master or referee and a few prying males . both ladies are toned and slightly muscular and the art seems to depict them facing off before they engage in a female brawl to decide who is the better fighter and the better female . live ive said so many times the skill of being able to create artwork like this is that you can fulfill your fantasies . anyway enjoy the art and see you soon . oh and please support the download store .

Saturday, 22 August 2015

uk wild catfight : natalie and faith topless brawl

these photos caught some of the brutal moments as natalie and faith stripped down to white briefs and slugged it out on the mats here at . both ladies are highly though of by the fans and have a huge following so competition was fierce and niether girl was going to back down . a topless catfight ensued with hairpulling and slapping that both ladies felt as they went to ground holding onto the other scalp visciously . the photos for this fight can be found at and this all female fight in the store with over 200 others at .

uk catfighter : seline a topless catfighter

this modest catfighter let her hands do the talking in the two catfights she had here at and boy did they talk . the two matches she had were against holly a fiery redhead and the welsh woman who went by the name of rio . in both fights she chose to fight topless and was proud of her body and had every reason to be . a yound woman who could hairpull and slap nd take what her rivals gave out . check out both of her catfights in the bitchfight download store at .