Saturday, 21 July 2018

kelly v summer

if you could get action like this on the NHS i think most people would agree its worth the wait . kelly vs summer had there nurses fight and it ended down to lingerie well go through the photos over the next few posts guys. the fight is on the Bitchfight uk download store at . thanks the Bitchfight uk team xx

Monday, 16 July 2018

kerry vs genie . arm wrestle

i wanted to show you some great shots of kerry vs genie arm wrestling . this event took place before there catfight and shows both women in competition .to see both women in school uniform arm wrestling for domination was a great sight and a test of strength . to every catfight fan whose downloaded this fight so far a Big thankyou and to the ones who havent check it out in the Bitchfight store at  . xx

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Barn fight . chelsea vs pinky

well the weekends here guys and the suns out . which gave me some inspiration to share with you from the Bitchfight uk barn fight series chelsea vs pinky  so enjoy the fights in the download store by the way at THE BITCHFIGHT DOWNLOAD STORE.  . enjoy your weekend guys .  xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

catfight . summer vs kelly

remember the fight we filmed between summer and kelly  titled  NASTY NURSES well weve got hold of the photos so well shre them with you over the coming days . these are some of the pre fight ones and please dont for get to give this post a share . the fight is in the Bitchfight store at xx

Friday, 6 July 2018

help us and share

hi guys hope your all looking forward to the weekend. todays blog post is really as fans and followers about what you can do for us . wed really like to build this blog and have more catfight and female fight fans visit so all were asking is that you share this post to your facebook, google,twitter,or pinterest or really any other social media platform so people know about the Bitchfight blog . please take the time and help and enjoy your weekend from all of us at  xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Where to find us .

ok  , once again its that time were we advertise were we can be found on the internet the place for bitchfight followers and fight fans.bitchfight uk is a leading catfight company and the united kingdom produces some of the best catfights between real females . ok so first of all lets start with the bitchfight yahoo groups which contain thousands of photos of the fights and the fighters then theres our twitter feed a popular page thats growing fast for all catfight fans from around the world our official facebook page is at so please if you have facebook please go and like the page and even share it to your timeline then our newest page is at instagram . the more followers we get the better. ok next up is the place were you can download over 200 catfights and help support the buisness the download store at . and last of all the main page itself . thanks xx