Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bella... a new fighter coming your way

The buzz around Bitchfight uk at the moment is massive there seems to be so many fighters joining the catfighting ranks added by the return of lacey and danni hopefully in october and november (both have asked to return) its an exciting time to be a Bitchfight fan or follower especially after the massive success of the debut catfight between a sienna and roxy . to add to this along comes this stunning and captivating fighter who goes by the name of bella . this beauty has allready fought which will come as a surprise because this hasnt been announced yet but she will be in octobers release and belive me she is a wildcat . ferocious and skilled she brings yet another option in fighting . we fully expect her to challenge the likes of sienna danni and lacey and if sahara turns up at some point omfg !!!! we have a stunning selection of fighters on the card for you to choose from her first set of photos will be going up in the Bitchfight group  and her debut fight here will be released in october  . xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

sienna vs roxy the final set uploaded

well the final set of action shots from this phenominal fight between two debut catfighters has now been uploaded and they dont dissapoint a real knockdown dragout catfight that saw sienna go against her rival roxy . both ladies dressed to impress in lingerie theyd chosen and posed for photos before fighting it out to see who was the better woman . after a long fought catfight roxy left sienna in a heap on the floor but it was close and sienna gave her all against her bigger rival. ime sure these two will rematch and sienna will be a handful for catfighters in her size class . check out the latest shots at and this awesome female fight to download with all the others ion our store at . thanks from the Bitchfight team without you people who download the fights we wouldnt exist xx

Sunday, 25 September 2016

shes here foxy roxy

well if you havent down loaded this ladies debut catfight against sassy sienna  by now you must have been living in a cave in the wilderness because its been everywhere and still flying high in our download store yes its foxy roxy . her first time at Bitch fight uk and you could tell there were nerves which is purely natural but she soon got into it and fought hard and skillfully . this lady is no stranger to street brawls and that shone through as she fought  a great hairpuller and a heavy slapper watch out for more from this fiesty scrapper . her album which has 35 new photos in is at and the fight is still at the top in the store at  thanks from the Bitchfight team xx