Friday, 28 June 2013

when faith fought carme (and all hell broke loose )

as far as some of the more recent fights that have taken place at bitch fight go this is one of my favourites. a genuine rivalry and dislike for each other ensured that this fight would not dissapoint . from the word go carmen was out to make faith pay for her last defeat at her hands  but was this going to be the case as both ladies laid into each other brutally. check out this catfight with the photos with thousands of other catfight photos in the bitch fight 2 yahoo group  and the complete fight in the bitch fight download store at  . xx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

hannah defeated and dejected

no one looked more flat at the end of a catfight than hannah did when she fought axa in a private catfight for a client . the younfg fighter arrived  bubbly and confident that she would take axa apart in a hairpulling and slapping catfight but as she began to tire axa gave hannah a good beating and she was clearly dissapointed that shed lost as these photos show . you can find the photoset in  and the fight is in the download store at  .

Monday, 24 June 2013

cee cee vs vivian catfight at the barn

when you have two powerful women who want to slug it out its best you give them plenty of room to do it in. so when cee cee (blonde) and vivian were due to fight we thought the barn was the ideal place and we were right . from the word go they used the space as they fought and went at it visciously. check out their fight at  and the photos are at  . also follow us on twitter @catfightbritain  .  x

Sunday, 23 June 2013


the name just rolls off the tongue and instantly you think of an accomplished catfighter who can fight above her hieght and wieght . this pocket sized brawler has the strength and energy to take on most girls and win . she showed this against natalie who is taller and wieghs more but they concluded a draw . keelly isnt ready to face her and lacey has gone into hiding agian once she realised she would be up against sahara .ive uploaded two sets of photos of sahara  set 1 is in  and set 2 is in . and all of saharas fights are in the download store .

Thursday, 20 June 2013

becca vs kelly .... outdooor catfight

the outfits ,the girls, the setting  you couldnt really have asked for a better catfight dream when these two fought it out in the field . both ladies wore all in ones and both wanted to beat the other and show they were at the time queen of the small girls . this fight was fought for a while and two sexy hellcats slapped and pulled hair till one could take no more . check it out . xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

becca vs kelly ....... classic catfight

 when these two ladies fought there was instant fireworks . both ladies hated each other but had respect for the other when they fought . check out becca nad kelly in the bitch fight groups and  the catfights in the download store guys at  . xxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

axa vs angelica ..outdoor fight.

its that time of year again when the weather is great for a stroll over the fields and  the filming of  catfight . none was more exciting that when axa and angelica took each other on at . it was one hell of an outdoor fight and both ladies tore into each other . the good thing about outdoors is theres no limit on fighting space and the ladies are free to go at it . youll find more photos from this fight at and the fight is also in the store at  xx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

hannah vs axa photos uploaded from bf combo 10

hi guys sorry i havent posted for ages but i have so  much going on .  ive started to upload some photos from the hannah vs axa fight  which is on the bf combo 10 download  and i hop eyou enjoy thenm . the majority of the photos are at  and the bf combo 10 is in the download store with over 180 other fight downloads  xx