Monday, 30 January 2017

Bella vs Sam. one for the future

one fight in the petite girls section that has to happen 2017 is Bella vs Sam. two well built female fighting athletes . both work out at the gym and both have a hunger to fight. both are of a similar build and would be hard to say who would come out on top in this Bitch brawl. its worth noting that both ladies like to dress well for a catfight and they would be judged on that as well . both ladies have photos up in the groups and fights in the store at . please take a look xx

Saturday, 28 January 2017

2017 a great year for Bitchfight uk in the petite section

2017 seems quite an exciting year for Bitchfight uk fans when you look at the selection of fighters that are current in the petitie girls section here . every girl has attitude every girl wants to win and everyone of them can be a total bitch and show no mercy when taking apart her rival . all these fighters were due here in november but due to family loss these shoots had to be delayed which in hind sight isnt a Bad thing as id like to take these fights outdoor back into wilds of wales . frehh air open spaces and beautiful scenery.ime desperately hopeing we can contact each lady and shes available to stake her claim for queen of Bitchfight and ime sure that most of them will jump at the chance . to help decide which lady or ladies youll be backing  download there current fights from the store at  . thanks from the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 27 January 2017

catfight art : the audition

ok its that time of the week again when we feature some catfight art and when i came across this set i wanted to show it . entitled the audition it follows two ladies who audition for one position at a catfight club . only one lady can have the job so they must fight to see whos getting it . the art work is incredible and so are the facial expressions on  both fighters as they fight for the job which the brunette finally wins . telling her blonde rival that the burger bar down the road are hiring she is triumphant . a great set by an artist who goes by the name of crazy victor. ill upload these to the catfight art album at  and thank you all for supporting the Bitchfight download store at without you we wouldnt be here . xx

Thursday, 26 January 2017

ladies and gentle men . miss roxy hart

ok lets say hello to a new catfighter on the block here at Bitchfight uk who goes by the name of miss roxy hart. this 29 year old fighter of italian origin got in touch with Bitchfight enquiring about catfighting and is keen to give it a go. her fight experience comes from mainly growing up and fighting in school and had the odd fight on a night out on the town in which she says the girls she has taken on have ended up regretting it . shes pictured with a bat but she says she wont need this to deal with who ever her first fight is with here .this fiesty italian femaleis set to mix it with the Bitchfight girls very soon cant wait for her first catfight . her full set of photos in the Bitchfight shirt  is going up at  and watch for her fights in the store at  . thanks from the Bitchfight team xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


coming soon the release of a fantastic fight. a hard catfight to decide whos the better woman its the wild rematch between Drucill and fiery wildcat Bella . after there first encounter the stage is set for a hell of a Bitchf brawl as both females fight to win . the size difference does not deter Bella as her and drucilla slug it out. when this fight is released the photos will be up at  and the fight will be in the store at . thanks from the Bitchfight team xx