Monday, 30 April 2018

Bitchfight uk : where to find us

ok  , once again its that time were we advertise were we can be found on the internet the place for bitchfight followers and fight fans.bitchfight uk is a leading catfight company and the united kingdom produces some of the best catfights between real females . ok so first of all lets start with the bitchfight yahoo groups which contain thousands of photos of the fights and the fighters then theres our twitter feed a popular page thats growing fast for all catfight fans from around the world our official facebook page is at so please if you have facebook please go and like the page and even share it to your timeline then our newest page is at instagram . the more followers we get the better. ok next up is the place were you can download over 200 catfights and help support the buisness the download store at . and last of all the main page itself . thanks xx

Sunday, 29 April 2018

bitchfight uk girls

over the years here at Bitchfight uk its been a long tradition of the girls posing pre fight in boxing gloves even if they were catfighting and not boxing natalie,faith,kelly,carmen,axa to name a few and this has become a popular free feature of our company . many of the fighters look stunning as they pose flexing there guns showing there power and its something we will continue to do. all the Bitchfight boxers albums can be found in the group at please go over and take a look you wont be dissapointed . also thanks to everyone who supports the Bitchfight store at  we couldnt do it without you thankyou xx

Monday, 23 April 2018

Bella a catfighter in pictures

Bella at Bitchfight uk  she was a blast a fearless catfighter not afraid to take an opponent on bigger than her . this pocket sized scrapper who fights under the name Bella is nothing short of brutal when she fights and  here at Bitchfight we cant wait to get her started in the small girls section to mix it up with the likes of sahara lacey sienna and danni . shes more than adequately proved herself against drucilla even though it was a size mismatch . these photos were taken before that fight and the full set is now in in her personal album . the fight is in the store and its a corker . thanks from the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 13 April 2018

Girlfight art

well the weekends here everyone and once again it seems as though the weeks raced to the weekend ( not a bad thing) so wed like to wish you a great weekend . fridays have become a traditional day to show you some female fighting art weve sourced from the web and this weeks selection is awesome . artists are just getting better and better and the selection is great . this set has been uploaded into the catfight album at so please go take a look . thanks to everyone who downloads and supports our store at . the Bitchfight team xx