Tuesday, 28 May 2019

katy vs cajun . imvu fight

katy was chosen by her sponsor to fight another catfighter by the name of Cajun another blonde fighter with a wild reputation . the scene was set and Cajun came out in black hipster knickers and heels and a crop top . katy entered in peach bra and knickers with white stockings and peach heels both ladies meant business as they paraded and glared at each other . they rolled around exchanging punches wildly scratching and slapping hair was ripped from the roots as they spat and hissed . it was even sevens until Cajun landed a low blow to katys crotch and she slumped holding her womanhood. Cajun took full advantage and finished the beaten katy with a neat one two katy was out cold as her rival stood over her . as katy was helped to her feet a victorious Cajun collected her winnings and left. hope you enjoyed this fight from imvu and thanks to everyone whos downloaded from the bitchfight uk store at http://clips4sale.com/store/18113

katy the catfighter .

hi Bitchfight uk fans . we hope youve been following our fighter on imvu katy . shes been having some great fights and really taking on the catfight scene on there . if you have a girl on there please add or challenge her or just follow her exploits here on the blog . hope your bank holiday weekend was good and thanks to everyone whos been downloading from the Bitchfight store at http://clips4sale.com/store/18113  . thankyou xx

Monday, 27 May 2019

katy vs porsche . sex fight

katys defeat of Daniella in there wild sex fight soon spread around the catfight scene and katy was becoming heavily in demand . a rival fighter from Italy Porsche got ot hear about her sexual triumph and travelled to the uk to challenge katy . Porsche had been on the sexfight scene for sometime and was popular a mongst her sponsors and fans and vary rarely lost forcing her rivals to cum. katy agreed to the fight and the scene was set at the back alley  catfight club . both ladies stripped naked  and sized each other up as they prepeared to lock pussys to fight . I will crush you bitch said Porsche and squeeze every last drop of cum from youas she kissed katis breasts and body. they assumed positionand there pussy lips locked straight away the feeling was electric for both ladies as there clits touched pushing and grinding against each other pushing there womanhood to the max. both ladies whimpered and groaned in ecstasy as pussy lips began to tingle katy began to cry as her pussy was exploited and she couldn't stop her control from slipping away. Porsche screamed out YOU FUCKING BITCH !!as katys juices exploded over the floor as they grinded . THATS HOW WE FIGHT IN ITALY BITCH !!screamed Porsche as she left a whimpering katy exhausted on the carpet. . we hope your enjoying katys adventures on imvu and the anks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at http://clips4sale.com/store/18113  xx

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Have a great bank holiday weekend .

hi guys just wanted to wish you a great weekend and bank holiday monday from all of us at www.bitchfightuk.com  xx

Friday, 24 May 2019

katy vs mz boss

martel had invited a girl from another catfight club to have diiner with him and katy one evening . she was an african beauty who  went by the name mz boss a short but fierce lady with powerful thighs.as the evening went on the talk moved to catfighting and after some banter the ladies agreed to fight the following day. both ladies striped to there attire katy in white heels thong and bra .this fight was going to be wild and both ladies glared at each other fists up it was game on and katy took the fight to her getting her down on the floor and the punches flew as they went at it woman to woman. but the tide turned and the girls rolled around hair was pulled and breasts were slapped as mz boss managed to climb on top and with her thighs  held katy tight as she landed punch after punch. katy manged to stagger to her feet but the damage was done and a last gasp punch sent katy to the floor as her African rival looked on. we hope your enjoying katies adventures on imvu and thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight store at http://clips4sale.com/store/18113  xx