Wednesday, 29 July 2015

uk catfighting : crystal lou vs jody

two ladies in babydolls is enough to get your pulse racing but two ladies who wish to fight in baby dolls . thats off the meter :) . when they met and chose to fight they selected baby doll as the preferred lingerie and they didnt dissapoint . both ladies wnet at the other grabbing hair and landing fierce slaps as they fought in front of sponsors . these ladies wanted this catfight sorted and they did just that in a woman v woman confrontation. check out the photos in  and the fight to download

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

uk catfighter : lottie deavon

ok my excitement is boiling over as i write this entry into the bitch fight blog . the photos you see are of a new catfighter who will emerge onto the scene shortly and goes by the name of lottie deavon. this curvy lady has a taste for fighting and wants to fight for .. these photos taken on her mobile have been uploaded to her facebook profile  but tomorrow lottie will be here at bitchfight for photos and a chat about taking her catfight career further . ime hoping to give you a little bit more information about this curvy scrapper so stay tuned tomorrow guys for a new face in the catfight world lottie deavon . support the download store the more downloads the more we can film thankyou xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

uk catfighting : axa vs ruby the day they knocked lumps out of each other

both ladies at the top of their game catfighters elite  but what would happen if they took to the mats in a boxing match . both girls were keen to get this on and figth in stockings black hot pants and bras a sight in itself but when they both doneed the gloves it went to a whole new dimension. both girls charged at each other swinging there arms trying to land that perfect punch and landed a hell of a lot on each other . fem fighting has never been so spoilt as when these two emerged on the scene . the photos for this fight can be found at and the fight with over 200 others in the premier download store .

Saturday, 25 July 2015

catfight art

ok ive been trawling the net and  i came across these . the images were titled power vs technique and depict two females engaged in a fight on the beach in bikinis and damn!! there good . i always enjoy good fem fight art as a way fo creating your ideal fantasy as far as fem fighting goes and these do just that . both ladies wearing sandals and bright bikinis engage in a battle to see who is the better female. . enjoy your saturday everyone xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

uk catfighting : natalie vs shay

natalie in red lace bra and knickers with black stockings and catfighter shay in white band and knickers with black polka dot and white stockings. the fights dreams are made of. both ladies looked the buisness as they posed for shots before this catfight and when the fight kicked off they just got hotter . would the imposing body of shay be too much for the nimble frame of a moody fighter like natalie . both females had their share of attacks as they fought and both looked smouldering in this woman vs woman encounter . great uk catfighters.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

catfighting uk style : carmen and sahara in oil

i was going to update the yahoo groups with the latest set of photos from sahara vs amy the rematch but then I thought you know what its sunday and ive got the Carmen vs sahara rematch in oil to hand lets have some great oil catfight photos instead. loved this one ultimately it ended in a facesit in oil for the loser but it went on for some time before hand so I hope you enjoy these shots as much as you enjoy your sunday rost guys . a list of links .