Saturday, 31 January 2015

lacey vs sahara : last set of photos uploaded

well by now you probably all know about the huge success lacey vs sahara has been . the way these two young viscious females tore into each other heavily marking each others bodies to be top bitch became an internet success for bitchfight. theres a mutual respect for each other now and there will be a rematch between these two brutal fighters in the coming future that I can assure you. only you can decide who got the better of the other in this match was lacey too much for sahara or did sahara come back strongly towards the end and have lacey on the ropes whatever you decide there hasn't been a fight like this for a long time . the last of the photos have been upload to bitch_fight_uk_2 and this fight is still the best seller in the bitchfight store.

catfight at the beach .... catfight art

theres some artwork around the net that capture some of the best female fight fantasies and this set is proof of that . whoever created these pictures truly knows about catfighting and what makes the mind tick . the thought of two ladies with totally contrasting skin tone and hair colour fighting on a beach is probably in most catfight fans  top 10 of scenarios  and bikinis are a great catfighting attire . so enjoy these guys . .

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

scorpio vs pussycat : the classic age vs youth catfight

ok this is a corker a wild catfight to wet your appetite that shows bitchfightuk is bringing you a great diversity in catfighting women. sexy cougar scorpio takes on her younger opponent pussy cat in a wild knockdown dragout fight. both girls met in the bitch fight bedroom and introduce themselves and then all hell breaks loose as the fight quickly starts and turns into a stand up hairpulling contest that continues on the mattresses as they lash out at each other wildly . will the cougar scorpio show her age has bought her female fighting experience over the years or will the younger pussycat show that shes picked up her fair share of catfighting skills on nights out and can teach the older girls a thing or two. .

Saturday, 24 January 2015

catfight art : the final moments

ime abig fan of catfight art and the closing moments of a catfight are the most tense and exciting . this art I found on the net depicts how the blondes rival is humiliated with various moves,facesits etc until she gives and then the blonde looks over her beaten foe and places her foot on her chest to declare herself the winner . this is purely fantasy art but it does capture how a male would like to see a catfight end or at least one way they would like it to end . enjoy . .

Thursday, 22 January 2015

emma vs cassie ........ dont miss these !!!!!!!!!!

ok so many ask about these photos over and over again and while someof them have been posted a lot of them haven't and it was one of the most brutal catfights weve had here with a genuine rivalry. it was the fight that never ended and continued on in the toilets after filming had finished with some of the girls taking sides . both had a genuine hate for each other and had been on the same shoots but never been paired up. eventually words were exchanged about one of them being from Manchester and the other from Liverpool and the fireworks were set so a date was arranged for this viscious grudge match and both ladies tore chunks out of each other as the photos bear witness . the fight is still in the download store in 3 parts ( it was so big as a single download at the time) . enjoy . .