Wednesday, 29 April 2015

sahara pre fight ( oil fight with carmen #grudge fight)

love these shots of our very own fighter sahara . these were taken before her epic fight in oil with carmen . it was truly a wild catfight and the oil added to the atmosphere. this lady knows how to fight and expect a lot more from her in the coming months here at . check her fights out in the store at xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

new girls new fights !!!! coming soon

over the years has strived to bring you exciting catfights from ladies who really want to brawl . that's something that has never changed and in the coming months there will be new faces added to the roster here at bitchfight. we have had a number of enquiries for work from females from different backgrounds and now we can finally grant them there wish to fight here. keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for new faces and fights guys . . also follow us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Saturday, 18 April 2015


ok i thought id share these pieces of catfight art ive found on the internet this morning  entitled barbarians it depeicts two scantily clad females fighting it out in a courtyard . obviously set in a time when barbarians were about the two females struggle for control one wearing leopard skin and the other a chain mail style top. i love female fight artand the effort that goes into some of it . it gives the artist the chance to bring his fantasy or idea to life . . .

uk catfighting : natalie vs chelsea

Natalie v chelsea
ok guys it was bad enough when these two ladies turned up in matching design lingerie. natalie 20 years old,5ft9 and dress size 10. and then new catfighter chelsea whos 22 years old and a dress size 10 5ft8.this was an ideal match up and both girls wearing the same was always going to be a problem and you could see as they eyed each other up. they gave short interviews and chelsea came out like a wild catfighter grabbing natalie and laying into her with heavy slaps and natalie was just as bad as she welcomed this new fighter to bitch fight with some great slaps to the could tell they both wanted to be the best in their underwear and natalie didnt want to be beaten by this new fighter.. chelsea got on top and was giving it hard to natalie controlling her with hairpulling and then slapping her legs and midrif hard. both these girls know how to fight and this catfight is a must . . .

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

emma vs sarah

emma (black body stocking) vs sarah (red body stocking).another new face to bitch fight uk is sarah a great 21 year old who isnt afraid of a fight but was emma gonna be too much for this young fiesty fighter. as the squared up sarah towered over emma and we thought this might have been an advantage but when they kicked off emma had soon brought sarah down to her size and they were scrapping it out on the floor with emma (fun buns)going at her like a wildcat both girls yaked hair as emma was ontop and wasnt letting go. it was lovely to watch as both girls wore lovely bodystockings for thsi battle and it wasnt long before emma breasts were exposed and she was showing her pierced nipples.this was a nasty brutal fight and allthough sarah is a good young little scrapper she was left sitting on the end of the mattress picking up her hair from the floor in her first viscious fight for bitch fight uk.