Sunday, 31 March 2019

Fight . lily vs sahara. 10 of the best

ok its 10 of the best time again and this time its lily vs sahara . two sized matched felines with sahara aiming to show her rival whos the bossbabe . check out the fight with over 200 others in the Bitchfight uk store at . enjoy the Bitchfight uk team xx

Saturday, 30 March 2019

imvu catfight : katy vs laura. fight for a man pt 2

and so the evening arrived and the scene was set . katy arrived at lauras to find an excited mike already there. the furniture was cleared and rules agreed . thong and heels fight whoever wins gets mikes cock. both ladies stripped katy in red thong with black laced trim and laura in a thigh high red thong both pairs of ladies ample breasts on display.mike stripped to show the prize to both girls who you could see wanted him minute the punches flew as both ladies screamed at each other hair was pulled out from the roots as they traded blows laura landing more hits to the face than katy. next minute a tired and battered katy took a blow to the face which sent her to her knees in front of her rival . stop!! stop !! she pleaded  you win !!as she lay on the floor in you give bitch ?? yes said katy to her rival ,well get your clothes and leave bitch !! let mike fuck the true winner,. a tearful katy picked up her clothes and left whimpering as mike kissed laura grinning come claim your prize baby.. hope you enjoyed this guys. don't forget to visit the Bitchfight store at  . thanks from the bitchfight uk team xx

Friday, 29 March 2019

kelly vs layla . 10 of the best

well Bitchfight fans the weekend is here again and the suns out here in wales. to continue our theme of 10 of the best heres 10 great actions shots from kelly vs layla a classic blonde vs brunette scrap. the fight is availsable to download in the Bitchfight store at  . have a great weekend from all of us at  xx

Thursday, 28 March 2019

imvu catfight : katy vs laura .for a man .

its the night of the works pool party and katy (pink bikini) is chatting to laura (red bikini) at the bbq. the conversation turns to men and katy tells laura shes been sleeping with mike the doorman laura,s face turns to anger as she too has been sleeping with mike . next minute both ladies have each others hair and they fight wildly both landing punches and slaps to there rivals face and body both ladies want his cock and they aim to settle it. eventually the fight is broken up with no winner and laura says if you want him that bad meet me and mike at mine tonight and we will fight for him in a winner takes all topless brawl. katy agrees and the stage is set for an epic fight . tune in tomorrow for photos from the topless thong and heels match in front of mike . thanks to everyone who downloads from the store at .  xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Catfighter ..... Raven .

raven what a fighter . when this lady came to bitch fight what a fight to remember . she fought jamie lee in one of the fights in the barn and what a scrap . shes a catfighter but shes no pussy and gave as  good as she got when she took on jamie and proved she can mix it with the big girls . check out her photos at  and her fight with jamie is  in the bitch fight download store at . thanks  the Bitchfight uk team . xx

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

apartment catfight . katy vs panduh

Katy our fighter on imvu has been in action again and this time against panduh a more experienced catfighter.both ladies agreed to a thong and heels match in front of a private businessman in a winner takes all fight. panduh in black thong and heels and katy white thong with black trim and pink heels. both ladies fought  hard  but panduh was too much for katy and punched her out in the final minutes leaving her battered and bruised . follow katy here at the blog and on imvu . thanks to everyone who downloads from our store at . Bitchfight uk xx