Wednesday, 31 May 2017

miss jessie stark in the Bitchfight t shirt

here she is again with a brand new set of photos taken in the beautiful czech republic . its the czech cosplayer jessie starkand she is rocking the Bitchfight t shirt in the style of harley quinn and we are so proud of this lady she is working wonders both for herself and Bitchfight uk. she intends to cap this off with a visit to Bitchfight in the future to fight hopefully which would be great to have a czech fighter on board 😉anyway for now enjoy her photos they have been uploaded to her folder at and thanks in advance for supporting our download store . we couldnt film without you . the Bitchfight team xx

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

kelly vs layla fight 2 : Bitchfight uk

the full set of photos to this amazing fight are in the Bitchfight group at and the whole fight to download in the store at  . enjoy . the Bitchfight team xx

Saturday, 27 May 2017

roxy hart in the pink gloves

ok its the turn of roxy hart today to put on the gloves and show the catfight fraternity what shes got and she looks a million dollars in baby doll and the new pink gloves we have here . this lady has clocked up the fights here in such a short time shes making a name for herself and no wonder this lady loves a brawl.and is constantly getting in them . straight talking and loyal sh takes no shit . these photos were taken before her fight with chaos and you can see the full set up at  and the fight can be downloaded from the store with over 200 others at . have a great weekend . from the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 26 May 2017

chaos . a fighter in gloves

well here she is everyone at last ive got the photos uploaded . these shots of chaos were taken before her fight with roxy hart and i think youll agree shes stunning and powerful. a lady built for destruction of other females a warrior but also naturally attractive . the way she took roxy hart apart was something to behold and that fight is now up in the Bitchfight store at these photos along with more have been uploaded to the Bitchfight boxers album at so please go along and take a look . have great weekend from all of us at Bitchfight uk xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

chaos vs roxy hart . second set uploaded

chaos new to Bitchfight but not new to fighting and miss roxy hart the darling of Bitchfight currently. when these two females agreed to fight we couldn't wait to set it up and get them in the same room. across the internet there has been some excitement with chaos coming to fight and she aimed to prove she can be a total Bitch with the best of them . chaos in leggings and bra and miss roxy hart in baby doll faced off posed for photos and stared at each other you could see both ladies wanted to do this . the next few minutes were a wild hairpulling slapping frenzy as two females settled it as only females know how .....catfight. the second set of photos have gone up at   and the fight to download is in the bitchfight store at . wed also like to take this oppurtunity to send thoughts and prayers to the people of manchester at this difficult time . terrorism has no place in this world . cowards and losers . the Bitchfight team xx

Monday, 22 May 2017

catfight art

well weve got quite a selection for you today. we just love trawling the web looking for art and the selection weve come across is great for you . the quality of the fight art artisits out there just gets better and better . we will put this selection up in the group at and wed like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whos downloaded from our store at we couldn't do it with out you thankyou xx