Thursday, 31 October 2019


Bella is one little tough cookie and not to be messed with . a total Bitch. her fights are in the Bitchfight uk store .hope you like them . .

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

eyes off bitch !!!

katy was round at nikkys one evening before fight night and after pleasuring him giving him the blowjob of his life they lay on the bed naked snuggled up.after a while katy said to nikky it was time for her to leave for the alley "say hi to doris for me " said nikky. "by the way she said if you two ever fight at the alley shed kick your ass and claim this cock " . katy smiled and replied " when ive kicked her fat ass youll be pleasuring me nikki !"and left for work. when she arrived at the alley doris was there and shouted to katy " best get your game face on bitch weve been drawn against each other ". katy smiled thinking she would settle this in one swoop. the time came and both ladies walked onto the fight floor in skirts . katy in a white laced leather skirt and doris in a green pencil skirt. both ladies glared at each other as they paraded. katy was clearly fired up and from thw word fight !! she pounded a helpless doris who was screaming for katy to stop after the first 2 minutes she was relentless. it was game over and katy headec back to nikkys. " hunni your cocks mine that's been sorted now come pleasure me its my turn " . thanks to everyone who follows katy on imvu and here at the blog . also thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  .  xx

Sunday, 27 October 2019

outdoor fight . kelly vs becca .

this catfight needs no introduction . two ladies in seductive lingerie fighting in a field in wales on a hot summers day yes its becca vs Kelly . this was one hell of a scrap that captured the catfight worlds breath and imagination when it first happened . both ladies had a rivalry and both went for it in the fresh air of the countryside . one hell of a bitchfight and the fight is one of over 200 in the download store . check it out guys . xx .

Saturday, 26 October 2019

leather bodysuit battle .

katy and mary ann accepted offers to model new  leather catsuits down at the alley for a fashion house . as they were waitng for the photographers  both ladies pounded the punchbag on the wall . "we haven't fought for a while " said mary ann katy replied "you want a piece bitch ?" and they both stepped into the ring in there skin tight leather suits immediately katy slammed mary ann,s head into the ring corner pads repeatedly as they fought . slamming katy into the corner against the ropes mary ann slammed her spiked heels into katys midrift and they took the fight out onto the floor. katy was now in no mood and grabbed mary ann from behind grabbing her hair and repeatedly punching her face.mary fell to the floor in a heap just as the photographers arrived for the shoot . mary ann wont be available said katy as she headed for the changing rooms . thanks to everyone who follows the fighting adventures of katy on imvu and here at the blog . thanks to everyone who downloads from the bitchfight uk store at  .  xx