Saturday, 29 June 2019

pussycat vs scorpio . age vs youth catfight

ok this is a corker a wild catfight to wet your appetite that shows bitchfightuk is bringing you a great diversity in catfighting women. sexy cougar scorpio takes on her younger opponent pussy cat in a wild knockdown dragout fight. both girls met in the bitch fight bedroom and introduce themselves and then all hell breaks loose as the fight quickly starts and turns into a stand up hairpulling contest that continues on the mattresses as they lash out at each other wildly . will the cougar scorpio show her age has bought her female fighting experience over the years or will the younger pussycat show that shes picked up her fair share of catfighting skills on nights out and can teach the older girls a thing or two. .

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Bitchfight uk fighter . natalie

naturally attractive ,naturally dangerous that's the best way to describe this catfighter Natalie. men love to watch this lady fight but her opponents weren't so keen . she knew what she wanted and knew how to win  when catfighting . she would tire her opponenets down and then control them by the hair holding on to it tight and pulling the other woman around while slapping wildly at her back and body. she was so gracious when she fought but brutal also . all her fights are in the bitchfight download store .  . .  xx

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

hes with me Bitch . katy vs megan

katy was with her male fighter friend karl at the alley as she waited for her evening fight when megan arrived .  megan and karl had history but wrent together anymore but this didn't stop megan staring at him seductively . katy enraged by megans stares and flirtatious behaviour went over to megan and asked her to stop staring declaring HES WITH ME BITCH ! . well see about that replied megan as she stripped to red thong and stockings katy already dressed for her fight in green thong with green bows and black sheer stockings approached the fight floor . both ladies stood together as they agreed rules and an eager karl watched on as the two beauties exchanged glances. megan lashed out immediately slapping katy hard across her breasts and it was game on as the two ladies punched and slapped it out in fight heaven in front of an excited karl and katy desperate to impress him landed punch after punch to megans torso and face . megan was beaten her body battered and with tears in her eyes fled to the changing rooms . an excited karl forgetting he had a cock fight later that evening hugged and kissed his champion before they retired to the back room together . we hope your enjoying katys fights on imvu . please keep following them here on the blog or say hi to her if you get onto imvu. thanks to everyone who downloads at the store at . thanks from all of us at  xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

kelly vs paige . 10 of the best

ok its 10 of the best time again here at the blog and todays is from the stockings and suspenders catfight between kelly and paige . both ladies dressed for this fight and both wanted it badly . the gight to download is in the Bitchfight uk store at . enjoy  xx

Monday, 24 June 2019

fight my girlfriend . katy vs mila

katy received a request from a regular at the club terry to take his girlfriend on in a topless catfight . after katy agreed to fight her and both ladies agreed on thongs as the only attire the night arrived . in walked terry with his girl mila who seemed confident in herself and was eager to try catfighting . both ladies showed off there ample breasts as the stripped and katy wore a dazzling gold thong . both ladies paraded on the fight floor and mila made katy wait  as she paraded for her man . this enraged katy and the moment the fight started katy laid in with face slaps and punches . mila was shocked and dazed as katy got her in a headlock and landed blows to her face leaving terrys lady wobbling . a final blow from katy sent mila sprawling to the floor and it was lights out . we hope your enjoying katys adventures on imvu please keep up to date with her fights here at the blog . thanks to everyone who downloads from the fight store at  . thankyou  xx