Friday, 30 December 2016

Fantasy catfight : selena gomez vs ariana grande

this one just doesnt seem to go away there just two evenly matched females and both celebs . so heres the tale of the tape . selena gomez  born july 22nd 1992 (24 yrs old) dress size 8. bust 34b. hieght 5ft5 .  ariana grande born june 26th (age 23 years) dress size 6 . bust 32a. hieght 5ft2 .these two performers are pretty evenly matched and have male fans all over the world  ime sure men would pay the earth to see these two settle it in a catfight and ime sure all of you have a favouriteand would like to see come out on top . thanks for supporting the store at and stay safe if your going out new years eve xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

the Bitchfight advent calendar in full 2016

ive not had so much fun as i have this year doing a Bitchfight uk advent calendar. going over the old fights and choosing which ones and which shots i wanted to use for each window of the calendar and here it is in full . i intend to do this every year and i hope youve all enjoyed waiting to see what would be behind each window of every day as i have ime sure theres many more youd have liked to see i found it hard selecting which ones to use from the 200 or more fights or so. the calendar has also been uploaded to its own folder at  and all the fights selected for each window can be downloaded from the store at . stay safe for the rest of 2016 and into 2017 xx

Monday, 26 December 2016

catfight art : maid catfight

ok hold the front page !! when i found these on the net that was my first thought a redhead and a blonde fighting in maids outfits this surely is a catfight dream. the artist that created these has caught the essence of a couple of desires the fact that its a redhead and a blonde and also cosplay to see these two females in real life fighting like this is a fantasy beyond belief and one to behold . ive uploaded this selection to the catfight art folder at  were they can also be viewed with other female fight art . thankyou for supporting the Bitchfight download store with over 200 other fights at  xx