Sunday, 28 August 2016

foxy roxy arrives at Bitchfight uk

ok you thought youd been treated when we released the photos of sassy siennas arrival here at Bitchfight uk but hers another new fighter on the rosta FOXY ROXY.  this female is set to set the catfighting world alight with her addictive smile and deadly fighting prowess . she takes no prisoners and her motto is wait for it ...."chat shit get banged" lol . this female is going to set hearts alight at . her t shirt shots have been uploaded to and keep one eye on the store for her debut fight at . thankyou from all of us on the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 26 August 2016

sassy sienna has arrived

ok things may have seemed a little quiet around here at Bitchfight uk the past few days thats because we were preparing  for fights and fighters and hes one of them . at last its SASSY SIENNA shes here and fighting and this lady knows how to mix it. she may be petite but makes up for that in by being big in personality and fighting skills . we were excited to get her through the door here and after a failed attempt last year shes finally made it . we dont want to give much away about her fights and who she fought but keep your eyes peeled over the coming days on the Bitch fight store and check out her mind blowing debut against another newcomer  . thanks for your support. the Bitchfight team xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

catfight art . dungeon fight

another dose of catfight art today as were getting the place ready for catfights  that will hopefully take place here tomorrow. this art shows two females a redhead in red heels with straps and a red bodice  with matching wrist straps fighting with a brunette lady in black thigh high boots and stockings with suspenders thong and bustier with black fishnet gloves fighting in a dungeon setting. the brunette seems to be getting the better of the catfight which is unusual because redheads are known for there temper and fiestyness . the brunette seems to be showing her whos boss and is giving her rival a good pasting , ill upload these photosto the catfight art folder at  . thanks for supporting the Bitchfight store without people downloading we wouldnt be able to film fights like we are tomorrow  so please download at . thankyou from the Bitchfight team xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Barbie in the Bitchfight gloves.

when barbie first came to Bitchfight uk we wondered if shed take to catfighting  but that soon passed as  she posed for the camera in red boxing gloves and looked everpy inch a catfighter. long flowing blonde hair and a figure to die for she posed and puted like a woman ready to kick some ass . she had a couple of arranged fights here against fighters . check them out in the store at  and her boxing pose photos are in the group . thanks for supporting the store by downloading fights . the Bitchfight team xx

Monday, 22 August 2016

catfight art . first day at the office

ok today i thought wed go with a bit of catfight art and came across these gems entitled . first day at the office. and absolutely love them . it seems as the photos go that its the blonde in red heels first day and her larger brunette rival has taken a disliking to her . it seems the blonde is no pushover or put off by the fact that her rival is bigger and takes the fight to her which gives us the classic office catfight scenario and the artits has done there work. ill be uploading these artworks to the album at which is growing rapidly . enjoy the photos and please please keep supporting the Bitchfight download store at . thankyou from the Bitchfight team xx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Emma vs dawn ... pre fight photos

busty blonde brawler emma and young fiesty blonde fighter dawn met on the mats at Bitchfight . both wearing black baby dolls with blue trim and black thongs both out to beat the other in a hairpulling slapping catfight . would experience which was on emmas side give her the edge against her younger and inexperienced rival or would dawn teach emma not to be so confident about beating so called newbies . check the fight out in the Bitchfight store at . the home of catfighting in the united kingdom xx

Friday, 19 August 2016

cee cee vs sorell . 15 of the best

ok a wild 15 of the best today a fierce blonde fighter who goes by the name of cee cee and a welsh warrior sorell. both ladies were up for this female battle and fought wildly woman to woman on the mats of Bitchfight uk. these 15 photos best describe this catfight . the full set can be found at  and the fight can be downloaded from the store at . have a great weekend . the Bitchfight team xx