Thursday, 29 August 2019

Katy fights on imvu.

 our very own fighter katy is now taking offers on imvu for arranged fights. she fights out of back alley catfight and will also come to your apartment , club house or private room to take on your girl . katy is open to catfighting,sexfighting,boxing and wrestling . any ladies on imvu fancy taking her on in front of there partner or sponsor please get in touch . all her fights will be posted here at the blog and shes open to gifts of lingerie and outfits to fight in if you wish to gift her . thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at .  . xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The fight . taz vs hannah in pictures

if theres one fight to be viewed from the team event its Taz vs Hannah . taz for the white team and hannah fighting for the black team . the fight is up for download along with over 200 others in the Bitchfight uk store at  xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

katy vs petra

petra a blonde on the rise at back alley catfights was chosen to go up against katy bank holiday Monday as a special event . katy obliged and both ladies arrived and stripped down petra in a revealing see through silver thong and bra and katy down to light blue thong and bra  both ladies proudly showing there nipples s they paraded . the other girls at the event looked on as both girls faced off excited and nervouse both girls stared each other out and then they went for it exchanging punches and slaps that only these two fighters could handle it was non stop punch for punch as both ladies fought on neither backing down ,. neither girl would give as they pounded each other punch for punch so it was declared a draw as both girls promised a rematch . we hope you enjoy following katys fights on imvu and here at the blog . please repost and like. thanks to everyone who downloads from our store at  .  xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Big Breasted Battle . Katy vs Whisky .

katy and whisky were sat on the old sofa at the alley with a couple of sponsors chatting about fights they had had in the past and  the conversation turned to a fight katy and whisky had once a while back when katy first joined as  a fighter at the club . katy lost on that appearance and whisky was quick to claim her victory. one of the sponsors asked how the fight would go if they fought again with both ladies quick to comment that they would win. both men  decided they would pay for the girls to settle it and competition was now fierce between both girls . fine said katy breasts out whisky  just knickers and heels and ill take you on . both ladies stripped whisky in a snake skin patterned thong and  white heels . katy stripped to her white lace knickers and black heels and it was game on .they faced off breasts to breast and starred at each other nervously. whisky landed the first slap which sent katy to the floor. whisky quickly seized on it  straddling katy and landed punch after punch to her face pounding her breasts as katy desperately fought to get her brunette rival off.. theyrolled around pulling hair and scratching at each others breasts . katy managed to roll whisky off and clamber on top it was time to pay whisky back and she did so slaps and punches punished whiskys face as katy didn't hold back . whisky had nothing left her battered breasts and body were lifeless as she lay there in her torn panties . katy was the victor much to the joy of her sponsor . we hope you follow katy here and on imvu and thanks to everyone who downloads the fights from the Bitchfight uk store at  .  xx

Sunday, 18 August 2019

private catfight . katy vs danniella

friends and rivals that's katy and danniella . both ladies had agreed to a private topless catfight at the back alley catfight club . doors locked the ladies stripped katy in white lace thong and hold ups with white heels her pierced nipples pert and proud ,danniella had opted for a skimpy black mesh thong with black strap heels her skin glistening as they paraded and strutted instructing there men to strip to see what was at stake in this anticipated fight . both men couldn't wait as there cocks stood proud as both women exchanged insults on the fight floor . eyes met and the room was silent then both women went for it exchanging punches and slaps as they hissed and spat hairpulling and scratching this was war and both women eager to impress there man . sadly a disturbance outside the doors of the club disturbed the fight so it was agreed both ladies would meet again to settle it . we hope you enjoy katies adventures in the world of catfighting on imvu and thanks to everyone who downloads from the store at .   xx