Monday, 28 October 2013


hi and by now most of you have downloaded the amazing oil catfight between Carmen and sahara  and I hope you ve all thoroughly enjoyed it . this fight was full on and both fighters gave as good as they got to their rival.. ive uploaded photos of Carmen from this catfight to her folder at and if you haven't downloaded the fight yet its in the store at  xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

working hard for this one

ok guys just to let you know that behind the scenes iam working so hard to make this catfight happen . it would be the mother of all catfights her at both sahara and lacey fight like a couple of wildcats and are not afraid to go all out to earn it,.negotaiations are on going and if I ever pull this off I will consider this the best fight ive ever watched .

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

pinky vs chelsea ..... over in minutes

ok when this fight was first billed pinky was seen as a real challenge for Chelsea and much was made of what pinky was going to do to Chelsea when they fought  but this wasn't to be . pinky agreed to fight Chelsea at barn fest and we all expected one all mighty scrap but  after the introductions and photos Chelsea tore into her like a woman possessed and  it was all Chelsea in this catfight  the sheer shcok in which she went at pinky totally caught her off guard and she was shell shocked . from then on Chelsea gave pinky a one sided beating she wouldn't forget . this short catfight is in the bitch fight store at and the photos are in  .

Sunday, 20 October 2013

whole new set of photos uploaded ... new carmen vs sahara

ok everyone ive uploaded another set of photos from this amazing oil fight between Carmen and  sahara and what a set this fight is just explosive as both ladies fight in front of a private client.check  them out in the bitch fight 2 group at   and as always the fight is in the bitch fight download store and  thanks to all the ones who have downloaded it and are supporting bitch fight . we cant do it without you guys . http:/ x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

carmen vs sahara .........released

ok this privately commissioned catfight in oil is a stormer . both ladies fighting in the presence of a paying client it was always going to be fierce and competitive . the size difference between Carmen and sahara was significant but would the oil and the environment even it up only time would tell . this catfight was fully competitive and this showed throughout as they tore into each other both ladies fighting for the adorance of one guy isn't that every guys dream . they didn't hold back with the hairpulling or the slapping in what was a treat for any catfight watcher as a hairpulling battle of epic proportion ensued wild slapping took place as each fighter  gave her all to gain ground on her rival  .  check this full on catfight in the bitch fight download store at  and the photos in the group  x.

an oiled up sahara

thought id give you a preview of an oiled up sahara ready to catfight . this catfight will be released later tonight which sees sahara and Carmen catfight in private for a paying client enjoy.this fight will be made available in the bitch fight download store at  and the photos will go up at xx