Monday, 30 September 2019

Fight Night . Katy vs Flame

fight night at the alley and katy had been sponsored to fight flame a smouldering redhead who had a reputation for fighting dirty,  katys sponsor allan escorted her to the alley and katy went to change she reappeared in her bubblegum colured bra and panties with white holdups and bubblegum shoes. from the changing room came flame in a black latex bodice with stockings and black heels . both ladies glared at each other as they walked to the fight area allan watching his katy move seductively in her outfit.they faced off and then went hell for leather going straight to ground taking it in turns to dominate the other landing punches and slaps to the body .katy seemed to be shaken and at one point went down heavily as they traded blows and allan feared she was beaten but our blonde princess climbed to her feet and started to gain the upper  hand landing breast attacks and slaps .flame now rocked moved towards the van as they used most of the room and katy ran towards her landing a punch that would finish most females and flame was dazed and beaten . our katy returned to the sofa were her sponsor allan was watching and claimed her prize of £2000.00 . victory was hers and so was allan . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights here at the blog and on imvu . also thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  . xx

Friday, 27 September 2019

Electra vs Cee Cee in photos

ok its Friday guys and the weekend starts here I know ill be out enjoying it with both family and friends . so heres a quick Bitchfight uk post . its Electra vs Cee Cee here in photos a crazy wild catfight by two women who can dish it out . its in the Bitchfight uk store at  .   xx

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Bitchfight uk


Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Blonde Battle . katy vs sue

as with so many females these days sue was a woman who was not afraid to fight and flaunt her body which was ample and thick long flowing blode hair an instant rival to katy so when both ladies received sponsorship from the same guy to fight it was always going to be the total blonde battle and that's what the ladies sponsor was going to get . "ime the new blonde bitch on the block here now katy " said sue as she stripped to just red ankle boots "well see about that said katy " as katy peeled her tight black thong from her body to just fight in black heels it was going to be an all out nude catfight .to there sponsors delight both fighters appeared with anger on there faces "you ready bitch !!" said sue as she grinned but it was katy who went all out early landing a punch to sues jaw .BOOM!! it was on as they traded blows and slaps hair came out it was impossible to tell whos was whos as it fell to the floor .they pummelled each others breasts relentlessly landing low blows and anything else they had in there arsenal to hurt there rival and make her quit but it was deadlocked both women fought evenly as they both tired until there sponsor called it a draw. the fight was stopped and both ladies headed for the showers . the prize money was shared evenly between both ladies as hey parted ways knowing a rematch was inevitable . thanks to everyone who follows katys fight on imvu and here at the blog . thanks to everyone who supports us and downloads from the Bitchfight uk download store at   xx